Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Road Trip 2007 - Day Four

Today was packed full of Yellowstone!

Alright, it started with more playing on the playground.

Wait! Rewind! It started with a night of, “Oh holy hooch, it’s friggin cold out here and I’m such a moron for thinking we wouldn’t need a space heater.” That was followed by standing in a tiny spot of sunlight up on a hill with my son, just so we could warm up. It was in that moment of sunshine that I remembered we brought hot chocolate! We had some very warm, cheap, sad little marshmallowed hot cocoa with our pancakes while dreaming of the space heater we would be buying later in the day.

THEN there was more playing on the playground.

We headed into Yellowstone. Had an hour to kill before the ten-minutes plus-or-minus eruption of Old Faithful. We had some lunch then watched that stinkin’ geyser psych us out a couple of times before finally blowing its fuse.

I made the family run over to the Old Faithful Inn. Ever since it was on some HGTV show a few years back, I have been wanting to see that place. It will be more fun when I don’t have three kids with WHINE oozing out their ears. Perhaps when they are long grown, and I am then pouting that I miss having them around … ya’ know, except for those GREAT times when their Dad and I get away and can stay for more than ten minutes at some wonderful place like the Old Faithful Inn!

It was super gorgeous.

We saw bison and deer and a moose. There were elk roaming around out in the street where we stopped for ice cream. We drove up to Mammoth Springs, having to convince our son the whole time that the entire area would not be a horrific stench of rotten eggs.

My oldest hugged a bowl all the way back, as we swerved through the winding roads (she knew better than to eat that much ice cream – we knew better than to let her). It all stayed within her, but I was doing some amazing not-make-the-people-in-the-back sick driving.

Best spotting of the day was on that last stretch out of the park. We pulled over to check out what the other 400 people had pulled over to see. It was a mother wolf with her baby. It was AMAZING and not the typical Bison sighting. We got to see the baby pop it’s tail straight out and wiggle its rear, preparing to pounce some varmint. We got to see its mother take a big crap … A WOLF CRAP SIGHTING! RIGHT IN FRONT OF US! SO COOL!

The whole time of the giant wolf dump, of course, I’m whispering, “Michael, are you getting this on tape?”

We stopped in town to … you guessed it … buy a space heater.

It was a great day. I’m in my much-warmer tent right now, listening to the critters chirp and stuff. We have all of our food and cooking muckity-muck cleaned up and locked away in the van. Although, a bear and its cub were right here where we are camping the night before we arrived. Last night I thought I heard one snorting around, but it was just the guy one tent over - snoring.

Oh well. If nothing else fails, I’ll just go pitch a tent in Chris’ backyard, next to her garbage.


Anonymous said...

Hi Christine, you are a hoot! I'll know better next time I read one of your posts. No coffee drinking or else! Great blog! Your energy and vibrant take on life just leap off the screen. Its contagious!

christina said...

Hey Christine,
Thanks for stopping by my blog. Your family is absolutely beautiful and the road trip sounds fun. Keep giving the updates and stay warm :)

Seeker said...

Hi Christine,
Thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving a comment! Yay!

I LOVE road trips. I've never been to Yellowstone but I would love to go. My occupation is a travel nurse, although, I've been in Oklahoma for a year now. My son was ready to settle down for a bit. He wants roots and I keep trying to give him wings. :)

Kristin said...

Thank you for recommending No-cry sleep book (sorry typing one-handed!).

Mama Podkayne said...

Wow. Too cool. We saw bison and more bison. My DD said it was a rip, she wanted bears. No bears for us!

WE WENT IN JUNE/JULY AND IT WAS 31 DEGREES OVERNIGHT! Fortunatly we built a fire in the morning as we were still permitted to, but until it was going we got in the car and turned on the heater!

Karen said...

WOlf - that is awesome. We didn't see one on either of our trips to Yellowstone. I think that next year......