Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Bartering for All Hallows Eve

Take one family that has cut out refined sugar (except for the OCCASIONAL treat) and add it to Halloween. What do you get?

You get a mother who has been sitting around for a few weeks wondering how her children can enjoy the thrill and excitement of the holiday (ie: the CANDY) yet not go on a high fructose corn syrup binge after all of the amazing habits they have instilled.

I think I've got it. Once the trick-or-treating has ended, our kids always come home and dump out their bags onto the floor. The bartering begins. It's worse than the whole Pokemon card frenzy. So, this time, their Dad and I are getting in on the action. However, it will go something like this:

"Hey kids! See this wad of cash? I'll trade you each (insert reasonable amount of money here) for all but five pieces of your candy." (because I'm not a TOTAL jerk)

You see, we know our kids. Their currency is ... well ... CURRENCY!

I'll let you know how it goes.

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MomVee said...

I've done this. Works like a charm.

Ahermitt said...

I wonder how much money I would have to give a 13 year old to get away with that... it might be worth it just to let him eat the candy!

Sara said...

My god children are very sugar sensative, and halloween is a very important holiday to us so we can't very well just let them skip it! So we tried (though this ended up not working as their mother gave birth on halloween morning!) to have them go only to friends houses and all the friends were ready with non candy items. So they still got to dress up, go door to door and get a few things, though if your children are used to a "haul" this may not work. Good luck with the money!

paige said...

My son is desperately allergic to artificial colors but he adores Halloween as much as the next kid. We also pay cash for candy, but we do it barter fashion. 5 cents for two small pieces, 15 cents for a fun-sized candy bar, etc. Although we started doing this just to get rid of the artificially-colored stuff, Elliott is so money-hungry, he often sells us most of his haul--nothing like knowing he can go buy a toy he wants the day after Halloween.

Really, the barter part is the fun part and counting money is a vital math skill (tick off that homeschooling requirement for the day). Elliott gets to sort his stuff, organize it, and it's fun to watch him try to persuade us that a particular candy should be worth more.

Have fun!

Goodlikeamedicine said...

You are so funny!

I like your blog and your fun perspective on life. I appreciate your joy :) Thanks for your nice comment!

I'll be reading...

God bless!

ps - we had a snake, too, although it was rather large!

Anonymous said...

Brilliant!! There are usually only 5 pieces that are any good anyway.

Scribbit said...

I have a friend who figures they should let their kids eat as much as they want that first day, get sick perhaps, then get it all over with. I like your idea better!

You should put this link in tomorrow's Winter Bazaar--

Heather said...

Now that is one great idea that would so work for my daughter! Just may have to think on that one some! ;)

Strawberry said...

Or... you could just be like my dad and say, "You don't appreciate chocolate properly because you're only a kid," and then just take it all away from me.


Cocoa said...

Great idea! Then you can go through what they give you, take out the best ones and give the rest to the neighbor's kids.

Annie said...

We've done this before, but what works around our house is eating 1 or 2 pieces a day, and eventually they eat all the good stuff. Then we save what's left to decorate gingerbread houses. Very rarely do I have to buy candy to do that.

M said...

I like this idea!

At our house, we are visited by the "Candy Fairy." We let our girls pick out 5 pieces of candy to keep and they set the rest out for the "Candy Fairy" who usually brings a small gift in place of the candy.

Good luck!