Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Good heavenly hooch - I AM Amish!

It's official. Break out the smocks and bonnets. I'm converting ... to Amish-ism?

You guys thought I was already fairly granola? Well, because of our recent change in diet, I am planning our meals without fail (which is tough for me, because I thrive at failure). I am also cooking. I'm cooking pretty much everything. I'm making things that we used to buy in ridiculous amounts and consume in mere minutes (like graham crackers, saltines, pizza crust, etc.). Sad, but you find yourself saying, "Huh, can I actually MAKE graham crackers? Were there graham crackers before Keebler?"

Then, I crossed the line. I made my own laundry detergent. Laugh, if you will, but I'm now saving a BUTT LOAD of money, it was really easy to do and we all like it a lot.

That wasn't far enough. The non-yeast breads I was making were fine for buttering up, but they weren't sandwich material. I read some more; researched some more. Realized that we may tolerate "natural yeast" much better than the overkill of adding baker's yeast to a recipe. So, I did it. I made my own starter and it's actually living!! IT'S ALIVE!

Whether or not I can keep the sucker bubbling long enough to make a loaf of bread is yet to be seen, but the fire has been lit (under my butt).

Sorry, I must go. There is lots of packing to do if we are going to move to Pennsylvania Dutch Country.

(photos by Robin Munks - stock.xchng; Twentieth Century Fox Film Corp. - 1974)


Heather B. said...

Move over sister, I'm onboard that Amish buggy with you!!
I've started making my own soaps, essential oils, and perfumes. As I was doing laundry this morning, I thought to myself, why the heck not make my own detergent too?! Same thought came to mind while applying makeup! I may have to set up a Chemistry lab in the garage!!
Who needs Kebler & Era anyhow??!!
Those damn little elves are overrated! Cute, but overrated!
I'm thinking though my choices in brightly colored clothing may shock the Amish!! =) They may have to give a little on that one. Kind of like the movie with Tim Allen & Kristie Alley, For Richer or For Poorer!

Christine said...

Hmmmm ... better do some study on whether or not they'll let me keep my nose stud. Nose piercings ARE referenced in the Old Testament ...

Leann said...

Welcome to the plain clothed dark side!!! ROFLOL

Becky said...

Man, I love your blog! You rock. I am now planning to make some laundry soap and a starter!

I feel kind of like an Amish poser though. Maybe a goat would help me feel more genuine? LOL.....

Cammie said...

Man, you ARE crunchy!!!

Sara said...

hehehehehe yay for your own soap!! Heck yea :D We make our own laundry soap out of the same reciepe as the hand soap (though with less oil because the clothes don't need it like the skin does) its awesome stuff. Scented with orange essential oil. mmmmm

mary said...

Would you mind outlining the diet you are following, what you have eliminated, menu suggestions,etc?
How about the detergent recipe?

Christine said...

Sara, I knew you'd be proud!!

I'm down to a nubbin of my Summer Breeze that Summer gave me. :) I have never been more in love with a soap in my WHOLE LIFE! I'm loving the others too, but there's just something about Summer! ha! ha!

Mary, just click on the links that are nestled within this post and you'll find everything you're looking for!

BOSSY said...

You are Bossy's new hero.

Summer said...

I'll help raise your barn if you help raise mine. :)