Thursday, October 11, 2007

Little gems for Mommy Dearest

I have had two little pots of gold enter our home in the past week or so. Had to share. These can be great for any home - not just someone who is homeschooling.

The first is Timez Attack. We've had the free version that the kids played before, but since my son is starting on multiplication, we bought the full version (which goes all the way to the 12's and includes a lot more in the way of graphics and environment ... making it WAY cool). My kids argue over who gets to practice their multiplication. Seriously. Worth every penny, and it really is teaching and reinforcing. I'm crazy about this game. Big thanks to Mike D. who told me about it years ago!!

The next thing I'm just crazy about is Chore Wars. Thanks to Badgermamma, who plugged it a while back, I have implemented this in our home, and it's so. much. FUN! Not to mention, the kids are doing extra chores around the house. Just ask Summer, who was on the phone with me the very first day and is still pissed off that I didn't bring the kids over and make up some adventures that included HER HOUSE! They were BEGGING to feather dust. Not kidding.

I am the Dungeon Master (Level 1 Sorcerer). I create adventures (chores) and decide their point value, amount of extra gold coins that can possibly be earned, as well as the names of monsters that might be met along the way (my son recently battled a flying moose and Barry Manilow!).

Anywho - I have little incentives for 100 gold coins (they collect them, and then can turn them in ... for a piece of candy ... for quarters ... for some extra TV or computer time on the weekends). I can oversee what everyone does, although my kids are pretty darn good with the honor system. My son even ratted himself out when his sister accidentally posted her adventures, while he was still signed in.

There are even chores listed that myself and my husband complete every week. So, we're all a part. We all created our own characters.

There has been a lot of improvement in multiplication and mopping around here.

That's GOLD, Jerry!


Lee said...

Barry Manilow...!! Love it!! I might steal that one :)

(oh and ages ago you commented on my blog and I'm so glad you did because I've been lurking here ever since and I LOVE it here!!)

Sara said...

Oh man that is golden!!!

christinemm said...

Thank you for submitting this to the Carnival of Homeschooling.

I am sorry your post was flagged as spam but I am working on adding it to the CoH right now.

I wanted to share that 2 weeks ago we downloaded the free version of Timez Attack and my kdis love it. Ours is freezing up and I was worried to buy it if the same thing was happening. I am glad to hear you are doing great with your paid version!

TulipGirl said...

That Chore Wars thing is GREAT! *L*