Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Tourettes that goes bump in the night

Yesterday I woke to find my oldest on the couch. That meant she had been up during the night. What time? Who knows?! How long? Who knows?!

I went over to wake her about 7:30. She moans, smiles a little and says, "Please let me sleep. I did my History & Geography while I was up last night."


My son has had some sleep issues over the last month or so. He sleeps like a baby when he's with someone - or near someone. Put him in his room by himself, and he'll wander the house all night long. He has had some night terrors, as well (mostly when we've been at camp ... or on our vacation ... away from home - the KOA in West Yellowstone will be talking about that one for awhile!). The other night he was fighting Darth Vader in his sleep. Never a dull moment.

While he has some "stuff" with which we have to deal, he does seem to have things MUCH easier than his older sister. It is not uncommon at all for some (or all) siblings to have neurological issues ("they" are still looking for that genetic link so that we can hopefully get a grip on it in the future). Yet, my kids are bucking the stats. Tourettes is much more common in boys. While my son has tics, they are on a much lower scale than my oldest. His came on after our move, and have subsided. He still has his moments, but it's just not as constant of a struggle for him. Leave it to my family to buck the statistical odds.

So, I have a nine-year-old that is wandering the house at nights, doing schoolwork and playing with the cats. I have a son who sleeps beautifully ... in the floor by our bed. Then there is our youngest (our only child that came to us through adoption) who can sleep more in a 24 hour period than her brother and sister combined.

It's interesting, to say the least. Sometimes it's a bit comical. We just go with it.


Sara said...

I think going with it sounds best!

Amanda said...

I love how the oldest goes "I did my work last night, please let me sleep!" She's so disciplined! Sweet thing!

LeeJo said...

Yup, just go with it, what else is there to do? If you figure it out, let me know! ;-)

Sallie said...

My Asperger's son has tics too... just learning to ignore it as best we can and not always be telling him to stop since we know he can't anyway!

Hope yours get some peaceful sleep soon..

God bless,

The Mommy Years said...

J & his two sisters all have some sort of sleep "issue"

J was a nightly sleep walker
middle sis has night terrors/sleep walker
oldest sis is a horrid insomniac

They all seem to have grown into a pattern with theirs as they've aged (they are best at home on a regular schedule - take them out of town & the fun begins!)Their mom has told me the same thing too ~ all you can do is roll with it & pray they are all still in the house in the morning.

It has to be genetic. That many sleep issues in one house is no fluke.