Friday, November 16, 2007

The Faces of First Mothers

The side of National Adoption Month that is all too often forgotten ... the mothers who are not parenting their children.

I have a cyber friend that I desperately want to meet one day. Her name is also Christine (making her extra cool). She is a first mom. Just like my daughter's first mom, a day doesn't pass that she is not thinking of and loving her child.

Her words:
We firstmoms, though stigmatized in the public view, walk among you though a part of us is always missing.

Think twice before pressuring someone to explore the adoption option, once a child is lost you are never the same. We love our children. Everyday.

Not too long ago, I taught my daughter how to find and feel her pulse. I explained that every time she feels that heartbeat, her first mom, J, is thinking of her. So, if she ever wonders if she is in her thoughts, just find that pulse and see if it's beating.

I won't be posting again throughout the weekend. It's my little way of honoring first mothers ... their love ... their pain ... their aching arms that still wake them up at night.


Sara said...

I can not fathom. Bless you for your understanding and care.

angie said...

I love this post. With the birth of our new daughter Mylie last week, my feelings for her birthmom are very close to the surface. I love her. The choice she made to carry and give birth to Mylie shows her deep love for her. Especially in this day and age when it's SO easy for woman to get rid of something "unplanned". Her love and sacrafice is immeasurable. Thank you for this post. I also love the pulse idea and plan to use it when my kids get older.

Cammie said...

Beautiful post!

Llama Momma said...

Thank you for this kind post!

I'm also a firstmom (birthmom). After 17 years, I still think of my birthson every day and pray for him and his family.

I have no regrets over his placement, and my arms are full with three boys of my own, but he will certainly always have a special place in my heart!