Thursday, November 08, 2007

Is it worth getting sick to not get sick?

I continue to be amazed, as I keep reading and researching vaccinations. I'm seeing the same facts and eye-opening information from different people, and different professionals at different times. There are recurring discoveries, and the more I understand, the more I am dealing with internal anger and frustration that I did not have this information when my children were younger.

You'll need plenty of time to watch this documentary. Time well spent.

One bit of information that stood out to me:

"About twenty years ago (referring to the 70's, as this documentary was made in the 90's), more than six courses of antibiotics, six illnesses in a year was cause for concern and maybe referral for investigation as to why a child would be so sick. For the last number of years, 12 has been the magic number. If a child gets sick more than 12 times a year, then they need referral to someone who can make some sense about what's going on for this child. In this last year, the proposal was put forward that it should now be twenty-four; that a child should be considered quite normal to be having two infections a month through their early years of life."

UPDATE: One of the reasons I posted this video is because it deals with the main fear that parents face when considering to fore go vaccinations. The evidence is startling: life threatening illnesses were already on a steady decrease before vaccinations. The vaccinations themselves did not make the significant drop that many of us have assumed ... or been led to believe. In fact, changes in sanitation and cleanliness/health have made the significant impact.

Also, understand that you do not have to vaccinate your child. From Natural Parenting: "Vaccination is not compulsory. You do not have to vaccinate your children so they can attend school or receive Government rebates. So please don't be bullied into vaccinating and always check the validity of the information you receive from seemingly knowledgeable people."

"The topic of vaccinations is always emotional for both sides of the camp. People who have not done their research are quick to say that it is ignorant to avoid vaccinations. However, this is quite the oxymoron because mothers with college educations and higher incomes are those who are LESS likely to vaccinate their children." - Dr. Joseph Mercola

Now, for real - watch and learn!


The Redneck Princess said...

I feel like we're constantly being misled as a society from the medical world. Drugs to treat disease than a new disease from that said drug, and so on an so on... We too did the vaccination thing, something I do regret now, although thankfully we've not seen any health reprecussions yet in our children from that decision. I've started telling the doctor no though with any further vaccines and telling the dentist no thanks for floride treatments. We've gone to holistic healthcare alternatives in all possible circumstances and have been much, much healthier.

Cammie said...

I have a friend who did not vaccinate for these very reasons...getting sick to keep from getting sick...with other diseases.

The problem...your kids can't participate in certain activities without vaccinations being up to date. She, of course, home-schools, but other activities. How do we get around that? How do we get others to realize that even if our children have not had the MMR vaccine, that they are not going to pass any diseases on to all the children in the church camp out?

I, personally have had both of my children vaccinated and have had no repurcussions from that. I can clearly see both sides and I think parents have to choose what is right for their family.

amy said...

i do understand the argument and it is frustrating. but some (not all, granted) of the diseases these vaccines prevent are potentially life threatening especially in young babies. as a mother about to have a 2nd baby how are you supposed to get around that?

Summer said...

You should read Just A Little Prick. I've been blessed by joining a small group of women that includes Hilary, one of the authors. She's a powerhouse of information!

Thre is so much misinformation, mythes, and fears out there that it's hard to see anything else.

Christine said...

Ahhhh ... now Amy, you just commented without watching, didn't you? That's one of the very misleading aspects of immunizations - that they are what are saving children from deadly illnesses.

Check it out. It will answer many of your questions!

Heather said...

I haven't had time to watch (ended up here from WFMW stayed because I have a feeling there are some similar thought processes going on here.) Going to watch as soon as I get the kids to bed--none of whom have had vaccinations, except fr the oldest who has multiple neurological issues. They all have multiple food allergies and other issues--vaccinations were out of the question--especially since I was a special ed teacher and met many children who had sudden neurological issues AFTER getting vaccinated. No thank you.

Heather said...

This rung so true that I went back over my kid's records--my oldest had most of her shots for her first 4 years--and had pneumonia at 9 months, within a few weeks of her shots after getting horribly sick with the shots, my middle had 2 and has asthma. My youngest none--of all the kids he is the only "normal" one and only has a few food allergies. The other two have all kinds of issues and watching the movie I realized that the pattern was the same. Sending it to my husband (we already don't do vaccines anymore and seldom do doctors because doctors don't understand what works for my oldest and are trying to convince us to get her tonsils out even though it is so dangerous for her to have any sort of medication, including antibiotics.)