Monday, November 05, 2007

It's Adoption Month again!

Happy Adoption Month!

We added to our home through adoption four years and six days ago. It has been a fabulous, weird, difficult, exciting, painful, grief-stricken, amazing time.

Not everyone should adopt. Yet, there are many, many people who ignore that unbelievable calling on their lives. Some of you have been wonderfully prepared for such a thing, and you know in your heart that you are making the choice not to take such a scary leap.

It is scary. Many days parenting frightens the bijeebiz out of me. Yet, the One who calls me is faithful. He has always been faithful.

“There are kids sleeping in CPS offices because there aren’t enough homes for them,” said Anna Rodriguez, program manager for Buckner in Midland. “And it’s not a CPS problem. It’s a community problem. They are our responsibility.”


Cammie said...

Couldn't have said it better myself! Although, I am going to give it a good try on my blog tomorrow!

Noah's mom said...

Hey Christine,

I'm leaving on Thursday to get Miss Nandini. My "pregnancy" has been a 9 1/2 month wait and the labor will be a 24 hour plane trip with a terrified 3 year old.

Scary? Yes.

Worth it? Absolutely!

Will miss your blog while I'm gone!

Noah's Mom

amie said...

Adoption IS awesome! You have done a wonderful thing & you must get so many sweet moments with her in return...

angie said...

Yay! Happy Adoption month! You guys look so cute! Guess what?? My new daughter will be born tomarrow- I can't wait and can't sleep! In 4 years, we will look like you! I will post pics on my blog this weekend. November is one of my favorite months!