Thursday, November 15, 2007

Kids cook the darndest things

When my older kids were much younger, they made a Thanksgiving "cookbook" gift for everyone.

Basically, I would sit one of them down, and ask questions like, "How do you cook a turkey?" or "Describe how you make a pumpkin pie."

As they talked, I typed just as fast as I could. Each "recipe" went into the "cookbook." It was HYSTERICAL. I think my son started with actually chasing down and catching a turkey. There was lots of squirting and squishing and cooking in the oven at 1000 degrees.

It's quick, easy, creative, and will have everyone rolling at your family gathering! Now that I've been talking about it, the older ones want back in the action. Unfortunately, I'm hearing things like, "dirty socks" and "boogers."



Anonymous said...
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Jamie Mills said...

Hilarious! My mom gave me my pre-school cookbook a few years ago. Lots of recipes for mac and cheese, cookies, chocolate cake, "I don't the name of it, but it's good", ya know... crazy stuff! Lovely little 4 year old pic to go on the front of it.. and it's perfect on an easel in my kitchen! :) Great idea!


What a terrific idea!! Would you do me a favor and email me in a few years when Lorelai can partake in that game? Thanks!

Scribbit said...

What a clever idea--that would be a terrific thing to record, then bring out later at future holidays. You came up with that?? Very creative!

Ana said...

Love this post! So cute. Kids are so creative and it reminds me of a post I wrote a few months ago. My son was hungry for chicken (of all things) at 2:30pm after school. Of course I wasn't going to cook a chicken. I told him that I didn't have any quick recipes, so he came up with one of his own. It was quite creative. lol