Saturday, November 24, 2007

Michael vs Christine

When in a city, we now find ourselves salivating over the limitless possibilities of restaurants and food choices.

So, as we're toodling around last night, dreaming about where we'll be eating today.

What is my husband craving while in Dallas?


And where am I dieing to eat while in Dallas (on our BUDGET and WITH children in tow - otherwise I'd soooooooo be at Taco Diner or feasting on popovers at The Zodiac)?


Thus proving the theory that opposites can attract, and be passionately hot for one another ... except for the hours FOLLOWING the Dickey's BBQ. Blecgh.

Seriously. The guy could eat ANYWHERE!



Tracy said...

I seriously think we may be living parallel lives; only yours is a bit more interesting than mine.

Scot LOVES LOVES LOVES Dickeys. I hate it. Don't miss it one bit. I love Glorias and have to guilt him into taking me there. And I mis Pei Wei too. sniff sniff

Amanda said...

YUM! I love Gloria's! hmm...that sounds good right now!

Grace, Every Day said...

I. Love. DICKEYS!!!!!!