Friday, November 09, 2007

See if I ever go to the dentist again!

I went to the dentist this week, and I was such a big girl! I didn't cry (the last time I went, I cried all the way home knowing I had cavities that needed filling ... and then when getting said-filling, I had a meltdown mid-drilling). So, see, I did SO WELL!

The kids had no cavities. I still had one that I knew needed help (leftover from my previous meltdown, and not going back after that). Yet, the longer I sat there, the longer the list became.

It's not awful, but I have dentist issues. So, it was bad - for me. I will be getting my filling next week. Then, I have to have my three (I'm evolving - only grew three) wisdom teeth pulled. Theeeeeen, once I've sold a kidney and prostituted myself, I need to bite the bullet and buy a quality mouth guard for my teeth grinding.

Add it up:

- a filling (insert anxiety attack)
- three teeth being ripped out of my head (insert lightheadedness here)
- super expensive dental device that insurance really HATES to cover (and there we have a big frowny face).

Hate math.

Hate the dentist.


Jamie Stephenson Mills said...

Aahh... A fellow tooth grinder! :) I (actually, my father!) purchased my first mouth guard at age 15. I am a faithful wearer... almost can't sleep without it. Hubby thinks it's a bit strange, but I'm a migraine prone chick and I'll do anything to avoid a headache!!
Well... I broke it. I grind my teeth so hard I broke it. When I went to the dentist to see if they could fix it or see what the replacement options were... Yep, $385 later I have a NTI device. You should check it out. It's REALLY strange at first, but I've had it for about a week and it's finding it's place. (I'm working on insurance reimbursement as well... AH! Pain in the mouth!) Good luck... Teeth are such a pain.

Luke3816 said...

I understand. Oh how I understand. I sit in the dentist chair, grip the arms, and go rigid until the work is done.
Unfortunately, I like coffee and tea, so my teeth build up stain quickly and it takes the hygenist a bit of effort to get it off. I've found that if I go to the dentist (!) every 5 months instead of every 6 months, the cleaning is *MUCH* more managable. For the hygenist and for me.
Oh! And My Wonderful Wife worked as a dental assistant for 10 years, until we had kids. But that didn't (and doesn't) make the trips to the dentist any less stressful.

Oh, and Happy National Adoption month, from a fellow participant in a transracial adoption!

Cammie said...

I am so glad that there are peole out there who hate the dentist as much as I do. When we moved back to SA, it took me 2 1/2 years to go back to the dentist becasue I was so chicken! Then, I go and I have 2 cavities! The tears started rolling. Then, I find out that my son has 2 cavities! How will I ever be strong enough to take him so he isn't scared? I didn't, I sent my husband. I so did not want my son to watch me cry and then think he should be scared also!

My dentist issues go WAAAY back! Imagine, being in 7th grade, having not been to the dentist in years (because for my parents, we either had to buy groceries or take us to the doctor/dentist), chomping on corn-nuts and a tooth splits in half! And it didn't get any better from there!

Anyway, I ask the dentist, every time I go, for the happy gas, for headphones and, if they have them, the video glasses. I want to be totally and completly out of the situation. I don't want to see them or hear them!

I hate dentists!

The Redneck Princess said...

Just looking at the picture of the needles lying on the cart gives me the squirms!! I know the local Walgreens here carries some mouth guards at the pharmacy area for teeth grinding and are only around $30. Not sure how good they'd work but as a fellow grinder myself I've given thought to it just to save some $$.

C & G said...

It's sad isn't it, grown women crying at the dentist. I do it every time. Of course I haven't been in a year since my last visit was so traumatic. I have accessory nerves (fantastic - only 2% of the population has them!) so when they numb me and start drilling I can feel it, so they have to try to find more spots to numb . . . it is a lot of trial and error (terror really). And I'm a grinder too. I ground a hole in the cusp of my molar. I have a guard now but I cracked it within the first month, still works though. I thought that I would try sleep dentistry, but I ended up shaking and crying on the phone when I was talking to the receptionist. I made an appointment then called the day of and LIED telling them my car broke down. I LIED! I've got serious dentist issues :)

Shannon said...

Ohhhhhhh! I worked for dentists for a good decade myself and believe me I've seen the dental phobias! I got really good at using a soothing voice and the quick reflex hand grab when necessary. It was always my little secret to know the pillars of the community that would come into the office and not be able to contain their inner freakydeaky. I totally understand though. I personally wish they gave nitrous at the Gyno! Wouldn't that make things so much easier(wink wink)!
Good luck Christine! I know Blackwell is pretty far from OKC but the OU College of Dentistry- Oral Surgery department(where I used to work)will sedate you for the 3rd molars and you will save $$$ and trauma that way. The OS Residents there do a great job and my friends would take care of you. :)

Sara said...

Its so good to know I'm not alone..I swear I'd rather die than go to the dentist. Seriously.

Erin said...

Expensive devices from the dentist can be written off on your taxes, assuming a couple of things. 1) you need to itemize on your tax return. 2) your total medical expenses for the year (copays, prescriptions, OTC medications (yeah, I don't keep track of that one), mileage to & from all dr (and dentist) appointments, out of pocket payments for expensive dental devices) is greater than 7.5% of your adjusted gross income.

So, you still have to pay for it, but you might be able to write it off at the end of the year. That is what kept me from crying piteously every time I got a bill from my c-section this summer (total cost to us? $1600. we are SO writing that off.)

Feel free to email me if you want help or need more info.

Also, totally feel your pain about the dentist. HATE the dentist.

angie said...

When I was young, the dentist was not a big deal. I was so used to it- I had braces twice etc. I HATE going now! Talk about a major headache! Opening my mouth that wide for a half hour really hurts! It takes me all day to recover.

Amanda said...

it makes me laugh to think of how many people hate the dentist because I am definitely one of them. poor little dentists...