Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Standing out in a crowd

Can you identify the two butt-kickin' bloggers among the homeschool moms?

No one had any idea they were standing amongst such greatness, I'm sure.

Tonight was rich. I'm wondering if Summer is like me, and running to write about it all (well, after she gets the boys to bed, and detoxes them from whatever snacks their Dad let them have! ha!). In a town of 7500, we had seven moms gather, who are educating at home. It was two and a half hours of encouragement. We hit every topic in the book, including the fact that our little town even has a stay-at-home, homeschooling DAD!

It was positive and refreshing. All moms have guilt, that we're not doing everything right. I needed to sit in a room, and know that we all do it in our own way, and a lot of days it isn't perfect. Even the organized people struggle. We're human. We're all wonderfully human.

Seven women -- all so very different, yet with one common thread: we have taken the education of our children into our own hands. We take it very seriously, are 110% committed and we need each other.


Teacher of One said...

I just went to my first Mommy meeting last week! We were from the same county. It was so refreshing to just be together.

Sara said...

That is so cool! Its a great pic too :D

Summer said...

And now, there is photographic proof. Ha!

Are you kidding, I was writing out the blog post in my head on the drive home. If I could blog straight from my brain without needing any of this sitting down and typing stuff in the way I would never shut up.