Friday, November 02, 2007

To Santa, Or Not To Santa

I've often wondered if it's just among Christian circles that parents forgo the magic of Saint Nicholas. We know people in both camps. Personally, in our home, Santa is alive and well. As the kids get older and start to question his existence, we explain the story of St. Nick to them and come clean.

Yet, until that point, we mail lists to the North Pole, we clear off the fireplace and put out cookies and milk, we sprinkle reindeer dust all over the front yard ... it's a fun, fun time. Christmas Day is all about the miracle of Jesus. Christmas Eve is about the magic of Santa Claus. As our children grow, and are "in the know," they have a wonderful time helping the younger children enjoy the magic.

This year marks us only having one child left not knowing the reality. Granted, we all still really believe, and we keep that wonderful spirit alive by giving. Still ... it has been hard. Part of it is that they are just growing up. Whah.

So, where do you fall on the Santa scale? Do you have a special plate that you pull out every year just for Santa's cookies (ummm ... yes, WE DO!)? Do you tell your children from Day One that Santa is a myth? Do you feel that Santa is a complete distraction from the true meaning of Christmas? Do you go out late every Christmas Eve and kick the reindeer dust deeper into the grass so your kids think it was eaten (ummmm ... do that TOO!).

We enjoy the imaginative play so much of St. Nick, that we have made it very clear to the Godparents of our children (who do not believe in Sinterklaas), that if Michael and I both die tragically at the same time, they will not receive a dime of their trust money to help in raising them if they breach the whole "Don't tell until they ask" approach.

Okay, so it's not actually in writing in our will ... but it's UNDERSTOOD!

For the record, my husband does still believe in Santa Claus totally and fully. So, please ... don't anyone spoil it for him.


Becky said...

We are firmly in the Santa Clause camp as well. Too much fun!!

The Redneck Princess said...

This is so funny... we just had the exact same conversation at homeschool park day the other day! We've always done the Santa thing with the whole cookie plates, reindeer food..the whole nine yards but, also made it completely understood Christmas was about Christ and Santa was just an extra benefit of one spreading good will and cheer. This is our first year of our children not believing any longer. We'll it's the first year we've all public admitted we know Santa is really Mom (not so much Dad, he's in bed usually). It's sad in one way and another sign of the times my babies are growing up. My youngest is 11 today! Weep -Weep! I hope they always carry the spirit of St. Nick with them and spread the Good Cheer!! I still believe too!

Cammie said...

Redneck Princess said it well. We have always told our children (well, not so much Kaylee, as this is her first official Christmas with us) the true meaning of Christmas, Jesus Christ. We make Him a birthday cake each year and sing 'Happy Birthday' to Him at Christmas dinner as we all blow out His candle (no, to answer your question, we only put 1 candle on the cake). Yet, we also believe in Santa. We basically talk about the good in Santa. That he loves all children and wants to spread good cheer. We discuss that the world would be a better place if we would all go around spreading good cheer. When my son asked, I told him the truth. I explained that the parents work on Christmas Eve to make everything happen. We have also discussed that he not tell other children, that it is their parents responsibility to tell them when they think the time is right.

There's my 2 cents!

Summer said...

We don't do Santa here. It just seems odd to me. Faeries, elves, gnomes no plomblem. Fat man coming down our chimminey? Too odd. Though I was raised in a house where I knew Santa wasn't real, so I don't have any memories of that feeling.

We do play along because its fun, but we don't tell the boys that there really is a guy coming in our house.

Dawn said...

It's not just a christian thing. I have a lot of atheist friends who forgo Santa as well.

My kids get Santa though.