Saturday, December 29, 2007

Box braids and other rockin' hair

Yesterday was hair day. That's when I take time to do my youngest daughter's do. Sometimes it's something quick and simple (and will have to be redone soon). Yet, other times we spend a few hours to get it into something crazy cute -- and something that will last for at least a week or two.

Anywho, forgot to post my pic of her box braids that I did a couple of weeks ago (along with some crisscross braids). It was my first attempt, and I think I rocked the Casbah.

I have been inspired like crazy by Katelynylyn's YouTube hair videos. If you have a child of color, check them out. There are a ton of women posting these type of things, but hers are very detailed and easy to understand. Kinda' like AA hair for dummies.

This time we just did some twists and more beads. I'll try to get a picture of that, too.

Happy Hair Day!


Julie said...

Oh wow, that looks awesome! And I went and checked out the videos and I sooo want to do a veil style set of braids.

And, might I add, your daughter looks so grown up in that first photo!

Amie said...

You did a great job. I'm Japanese/French and my son is Black/Japanese/French. His hair is altogether different than mine and beautiful. It is SO thick and wavy. Long ago I did hair...used to braid and cut ethnic hair for friends and family. It's been a long time since then...but it looks like you did a very nice job...especially securing the beads.

Leann said...

My goodness how that child has grown! She is BEAUTIFUL!!!

Had to LOL at the rock the casbah thing... Don't you LOVE youtube??? I learned how to do a six strand challah braid there. Such cool stuff... a bunch of crap, too, but if you wade through you can find some real jewels.

Anyway... you did a great job! :)

Summer said...

She looks so cute! You did an awesome job.

I always wanted to do my hair with beads. I jsut thought it would be fun to swing my head and har the beads clacking together. LOL

angie said...

Christine! Awesome hairdo's! I am so excited for you guys with turning your papers in-keep me posted!!

Devin said...

OMG! You did great! In fact, you did way better than great.

LilySea said...

oooh! Thanks for the link! I just put you in my blog roll after about the 150th emailing of a link to you from a friend who is your biggest fan.

I have been just guessing and using trial and error to do hair. It usually works fine, but it's awesome to see the detailed instruction. Now, if only I could get my not-quite-3-year old to sit that still!