Sunday, December 09, 2007

Clean house ... guaranteed

How can you guarantee a spotless house?

Plan a holiday Open House and invite your whole church.

Granted, to keep your house spotless, you have to banish your children, husband and pets to the back of the house (including just one bathroom). You have to freak out every time a toy even THINKS about making its way down the hallway toward your immaculate living room.

And you just do it once a year. The rest of the time, when you simply have over a NORMAL amount of people, you don't give a diddly-squat.

OH, and just as a reminder ... always ... ALWAYS grease your muffin tins.


I'm just saying.

UPDATE - 8:31 AM

Freezing rain coming down in buckets.

No church.

No open house.



Summer said...

Your next post should be how to avoid a nervous breakdown during an open house with your entire church. LOL

Amanda said...

I threw away our muffin tins last year because of that. was irrational and it was during my first trimester...haha...but perfectly good muffin tins with a lot of muffin stuck in them are somewhere in a garbage heap. :(

Hillary said...

Enjoy a cozy day off in a spotless house! Ahhh!

Jamie Mills said...

OH NO! Freezing rain? I think it's headed our way too... Stay warm! Enjoy your super clean house! :) Miss you guys! Merry Christmas!

jsclayberg said...

I'm sorry Christine. Your house does look marvelous dahling. I always yell out "It's a Christmas miracle!" if this level of tidiness is ever achieved at my house in December. Enjoy your hard work! ShanC

Amie said...

Nice decor...I love those chairs. The place looks great.

Tracy said...

Oh! This reminds me that I need to post pictures of our open house (to which I invited our whole church) from last week!

So what did you fix for the event?

I'm so sorry it got canceled. We canceled church too. Including the Christmas parties tonight. What a bummer.

I Ate The Sandbox said...

Oh dear. I think I see a speck of dust way over yonder on the shelving behind the Christmas tree. On the top shelf. Left hand side. Tsk, tsk.

Grace, Every Day said...

Freezing rain. No church. No open house.

Yeah but. Clean house.

You rock. And your house looks GREAT.

Leann said...

So sorry the event was canceled but your home looks great!!! :)

Mom said...

Ah, this brings back memories. I can remember you taking church members to see your room since it was so clean. I am sorry your open house got iced out, but I know your church family appreciated the thought.