Saturday, December 08, 2007

Santa's wallet

Ever wonder how you can explain to your kids that some children get more toys or more expensive toys at Christmas, and some get very little?

Here's how we handle that. Our kids understand that everything costs money. So, Santa and his elves even have to buy the supplies to make the toys. Where does that money come from? Well, every Mom & Dad sends in a check with the Christmas lists. Some families have more money. Some have less. We have a Christmas budget, and let Santa decide what he'll be making based on what we have to spend.

Santa's a very budget-conscience fellow!

So, our kids have always paid close attention to the cost of the items on their list, and many times put them in order of importance, to help out old St. Nick!

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Strawberry said...

Oh Christine. Christine! That is BRILLIANT!!!!!!!!!!