Monday, January 21, 2008

The importance of a multi-racial home

Here is a challenge for you today: make your home as multi-racial as possible.

Now, I'm not saying to go and take on a few extra spouses or adopt more kids just to do this! Not unless you are ready to do that - the SECOND one! ;)

Yet, today as we honor Dr. King, a man who stood and fought for those who were considered the very least of us ... I want you to think of ways that you can bring a true world view into your home.

No matter the color of your skin or the country of your heritage, does your home reflect the world? Does it reflect the diversity of mankind ... the children of God?

We've always purchased toys and dolls that do this - not just reflecting my race, or my youngest child's race, but all races. I decorate my home with books and items that have a story and that teach about people that are different from us, yet very much the same.

We surround ourselves with the things we love. Maybe you need to fall more in love first, and then add to your home. Perhaps you have never thought to do something so deliberate to continue to educate yourself and your family. How can you surround yourself and your spouse and your children with a broader world view, right there in your living room?

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Amie said...

Nice post to share!

Diverse books, foods, and decorations are essential in our home with our two kids (one is Dutch and African American and the other is African American, Japanese, and French) I am a French and Japanese mixture. Come to think of it, even if we were not a diverse family they'd be important. I am finding that African American cultural books and things like Christmas decorations are more widely available around here (Ca.). I loved finding my little brown Santa Claus and little brown boy ornaments. The kids love making foods and listening to music from other cultures that we get from our Kid's Multicultural Cookbook. We have a colorful world map in the dining room so they can see what countries we are cooking from and what is happening in the news. It's easy to shelter our kids in a lot of ways. I think this helps them to be a little more well-rounded and comfortable around people off all colors and backgrounds!

Ana said...

That is a wonderful challenge for your readers! Great post!

Peculiar said...

LOVE IT!! And we do it; think it's important too!! Don't do it to prove anything to outsiders either. We don't have a lot of people over, so people may not notice what we have in our home or teach our children, but our kids need it as they grow, and as adults, we need the reminder that this is God's world; He is the Creator of all, and He doesn't want His world segregated and sepetprated. Heaven won't be:)