Sunday, January 06, 2008

The pastor's house on Sunday

Ever wonder what goes on at a pastor's house on Sunday afternoons?

Try this on for size:

He is cleaning out his closet to give his excess to those who are in need (so far so good).

The girls are outside painting sticks ... just because ... there were sticks ... and there was paint.

His wife is on the couch, learning how to darn socks from YouTube (and using one of the plastic eggs from her daughter's pretend food set to use as a base for her sewing).

His son and the Chairman of the Deacons' son are dancing around in dresses from the girls' dress-up clothes.


That's about right.


Summer said...

Here I was, quietly reading and nodding and sipping my orange juice. Then I got to the dresses, and I nearly choked to death from holding back the laughter. Now that's a photo for the church bulletin board!

Grace, Every Day said...

Well, I'm not a PASTOR - you know, being a girl and all - but I'm a worship leader, and I'm there even longer than the pastor is on Sunday, and I probably expend about 400 times as much energy, because he works hard writing for a few days and then just has to stand there and TALK on Sunday...

...but in MY house on Sundays, there ain't no stick painting, sock darning, or cross dressing.

We play a little Guitar Hero, jump on the trampoline, and sleep. Sleep as much as possible.

Then we drag our lazy, sleepy butts to bible study.

That's THIS worship leader's house on Sunday. Just thought I'd share.

(and I think very highly of my pastor, he is awesome and works a million times harder than I do. He'd sleep on Sundays, too, if he had a chance...He is the bomb)

Amie said...

How lucky your children are to have such loving, non-judgemental parents who have a relationship with God.

Tracy said...

Yup. Sounds just about perfect.

Leann said...

A bit of light saber wielding and frisbee throwing in the back yard, a good book on the couch for me and the girl is knitting a new scarf. Later there is an annual (or maybe quarterly at this rate) family viewing of Princess Bride.... no evening church for us.

Cammie said...

I am just so glad that my son is not the only one who likes to wear girls dress up clothes. When he and I go to work (you know, my awesome, cool job where I work at my bosses house and my kids get to go with me) I often find him in the playroom in a girls' tutu!

Mary Beth said...

Now that sounds like a perfectly perfect Sunday afternoon.

Preaching wore me plum out and I used to spend my Sunday afternoons crashed on the couch. You guys are much more productive. I mean, you never know when you're going to need some painted sticks!