Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Starting the process ... again


We have a caseworker coming today.

To adopt through the state of Oklahoma, you have to fill out an application that's about 10-15 pages long. Don't freak. It's not that bad.

Part of the paperwork is your agreement to a background check. In Oklahoma, that's the first thing they do when your local office receives your completed application - run said background check and make sure that no adult in the house has a criminal history that would hinder their ability to parent.

Once the checks come back (and ours were "fine" - whew!), a caseworker will come out and do a walk-through of your home. We've never done this process in Oklahoma, so I have no idea what today will be. In Texas, you fill out an application and have to go through all of your training, usually, before someone steps foot in your home.

I'm sure part of it is still the weaning weeding out - making sure that our house really is what we said it was on the application - ya' know, as opposed to saying you have a two bedroom house, but one of those bedrooms is the shed!

So, I'll update and let you know how it goes. After the adoption and the fostering, I've had so many caseworkers in and out of my house that I now get to enjoy NOT cleaning like a maniac every time they come. I'll pick up a bit more (our dining room table ... well, you can't see it, as mail and newspapers have overtaken its surface), but I won't be scrubbing corners like I did the first time around ... not even close!


3:17 PM

We had a great visit this morning. Basically, it was just a home assessment. She asked tons of questions about our house, areas of safety, etc. We went over our application, so she could verify what we feel we are able to do this time around (how many kids, ages, etc.). Presh went into entertainment mode, as she does around any guest, and was a mixture of funny, charming and big pain in the rump!

We will be forwarding our previous training records to their office, and then hope and pray that they will either clep us out of training (it's the same program as we took in Texas!), or just require a few hours to cover Oklahoma-specific requirements (as opposed to 27 hours of the whole shibang). The training is good stuff, and I wish every single person on the planet could go through it - yet, when you've already done it TWICE ... well, it would be cool to get some slack this time!

Oklahoma contracts out their homestudies. So, we will be contacted by someone in the next three months to do ours. We'll get a big, 'ole list of of things beforehand (like the right number and size of fire extinguishers, smoke detectors, properly fenced yard, etc., etc., etc.) We'll also get the list of things we have to do (like physicals and letters from doctors) and the list of copies we'll need to make (drivers and marriage licenses, car insurance forms, etc.).

We have our forms to take to the police department to get our fingerprints done. We found out that a neighboring town will do them for free, and their system is digital (the "old fashioned way" of fingerprinting has a higher chance of having them rejected, and then you have to get new cards and try again - and in Oklahoma, if they are returned twice, you then have to drive to Oklahoma City to have them done - which would be a pretty good hike for us).

Hmmmm ... what else?

I want to walk through some of this, so people can see what it is like. Forgive me if I skip over stuff. I did a lot of nodding in agreement today, as the terms and questions were very same-old-same-old for me. Feel free to ask questions if I'm not clear.

It's really not scary (the part you do with the state -- parenting, however ... ah ... now THAT brings on some very healthy terror! ha!).

We had to move all of our homeschooling hooch off the sofa for them to be able to sit down. My son played with his Kinex the whole time (building a grandfather clock while they were here!). Mac was curled up with a book the whole time. I was thinking, "Man, we are really bringin' it for homeschoolers!" Of course, Presh pretty much had her butt in the air the whole time. Whadda' ya' gonna' do?? Moments like that always take me back to the movie "Parenthood":

"He likes to butt things ... with his head."

"How proud you must be."

To be continued ...


Noah Bear said...

Good luck, today! I've learned, too, not to clean like a maniac. The last time we did, our SW (who was new to us) expressed concern that we wouldn't be able to handle the messiness of a toddler. LOL!!! After that, we just decided to let them see the real of us. :-)


laura said...

Hey, as long as it's hygienic I call it clean. Asking for an extra dose of Holy Ghost to be present in your home. By the way, is the weaning out process anything like the weeding out process? :)

Sherry said...

Good luck today. Christine!

bethany actually said...

How exciting! I'll say a prayer for you today.

Cammie said...

Many blessings coming your way! Can't wait to hear more about the process! What a blessed family!

Mary Beth said...

How exciting!!!

Christine said...

Ah, Laura - I always have boobies on the brain!

Shansland said...

It IS funny all of the cleaning you do until you start getting visits from the workers every couple weeks or whatever. I used to bake cookies every time like I was trying to sell them my house! Then you realize they are way too busy to notice special touches and they really just want to see that you've got lids on your trash cans and your knives put out of reach. I feel you with the young child antics though-HA!
You know I love all of the prep details so keep it up! And I'll try to shoot up a prayer when I click over here, that God is preparing you and your children(future and present) for their new lives together. YEAH!!! :)

Ana said...

I'm so glad I read further on your blog. The hubster and I are very interested in adopting. As a matter of fact before Lil One came along we were on the road to do just that. We would like to adopt a child from Haiti - hopefully.

Much prayers to you that everything works out.

Sara said...

Oh my goodness! What a blessing. I'm so glad your going through the process with us. This should be good stuff.

CC said...

Congrats on starting the process again! And good luck!