Thursday, February 28, 2008

Christine on the Issues: The Environment

You shall find books and sermons everywhere, in the land and in the sea, in the earth and in the skies, and you shall learn from every living beast, and bird, and fish, and insect, and from every useful or useless plant that springs from the ground.

Charles H. Spurgeon

There is still good in the world. We haven't completely gone to hell in a handbasket. Yet, I've become much better at listening to someone speak, and then learning who pads their pockets. Money still has great power and control, because man gives it.

Our current administration has actually had individuals outright deceiving the country on the facts of global warming, and big money has had a really big voice. However, after filling my brain with stats and figures, it is so much more, for me, than the damage we are doing to our atmosphere.

We have become a very selfish people. We sacrifice our earth for convenience. We let progress move ahead of logic and reason and research on its effects. We want our food to look perfect and last a really long time. We want to spend less time on everything so we can do more.

Yet, it has all come at a cost. I have to admit that even if we weren't faced with the realities of global warming, I may not be as green as I am. I felt forced to look at my effect on the planet, which then made me face the fact that I didn't care about nature.

This issue takes a lot of effort and sacrifice. I have to do some things differently, and take more time for other things. I have to think more (geez, I HATE it when I have to think more!). I have to care. I have to care, not just about me or my family or my friends or my generation. I have to care about all people in all places at all times.

Have others bothered to care about me? Maybe. Maybe not. Yet, personally, that should not factor into the equation.


Anonymous said...

A-men sister!

CC said...

Double Amen to that!

Topsy-Techie said...

Beautifully said...I think I'll go smooch a tree right now! Blessings!!

village mama said...

Thank you for caring! Truly, I mean that more than you will ever know.

I care about you, your family, your neighbours etc - but sometimes it hurts my brain too. I was feeling/thinking similar to you last week: