Friday, February 01, 2008

Planning really slurps

I'm sitting on my sofa, planning our meals and shopping list for the next seven days. My husband will be back from the bank shortly, and I'll head out on my weekly trek.

I really detest doing this. Granted, it is always soooooo worth it ... time-wise, financially, ya-da-ya-da. I always find myself on Tuesdays or Wednesdays, actually making out with myself in the mirror for having planned ahead, and thereby helping the week run much more smoothly.

Yet, on Fridays, I sit on the sofa, typing and planning away ... and moaning and whining and whining and moaning.

I've discovered, it's not so much the shopping I don't like (especially if I can avoid doing it on a Saturday). I go with a list and stick to the list. Yet, making the plan is not always a party for me. I save old menus. However, we all like a bit of variety. You also have to make sure you plan around field trips or other events.

Not a big deal, I know. I'm just whining.

That brings us to the part that I'm pretty sure is my biggest dread: putting away the groceries. Granted, everyone helps. My husband is wonderful. Yet, I just can't stand the process. Wish there was some grocery-putting-away robot out there that sells for $3. It is food to feed a family of five (plus guests) for a full week, so it can be a bit of an ordeal!

Ah geez. He's back. Gotta' finish up and head out on my quest. Push through the stuff I don't enjoy so I can get to the French-kissing-myself a few days from now.

Perhaps I should suck up and deal, seeing how I'm able to buy food each and every week to fill my cupboards and feed my family. I'm complaining about having to put away ALL THAT FOOD! Geez.

Add to list: Get "Selfish Baby" tattoo on my butt.


Heather said...

I feel your pain! That was my day yesterday - after putting it off most of the week. Thursday, just out of pure laziness and lack of anything to feed my family, I stopped in at the Devil's Domain (Wal-Mart) for a few items to hold me over. Those items added up to $40 bucks! Yesterday after a meeting for homeschool coop's winter formal, I bucked it up and went to the grocery store. Alone. This NEVER happens, and I did spend less money. The hubby even met me outside to carry in groceries and then everyone helped put them away. I'm kind of shocked now that I think about this......

The Rudd Family said...

I know. I just did it too. Back on track with everyone home! Then I just braved Wally world - yuck.

PEZmama said...

I can't stand putting away groceries either.

I once heard someone remark about how inefficient grocery shopping is: you have to get stuff off the shelf and put it in the cart. Then you have to take it out of the cart and put in on the conveyor. Then you have to put it in a bag and return it to the cart. Then out of the cart again and into the car. Out of the car and into the house. Out of the bags and into the fridge. That's a crazy lot of moving around to have to do just to get your groceries.

Like your blog. Will be back.