Thursday, February 07, 2008

Thoughts on this whole presidential thing

Okay, first I have to say that something happened through my blog that really saddened me. I noticed a massive increase of traffic to my little site through searches. They were people looking for "which candidate will best represent me?" (or similar phrases). I should be happy, right? Lots of blog traffic. Yet, here is what got me - it all came in on Monday ... the day before voting.

A crazy amount of people were going to vote (good), but were waiting until the NIGHT BEFORE to seriously look at candidates (blecgh). That made me sad. Really sad.

Now, on to happier things (for me, at least). I'll out myself as not being registered with either political party. I am, however, LOVING the fact that we're sitting around waiting to find out if the Democratic nominee is going to be a woman or an African American ... both of which would do a fine job.

(Did you hear that? It was a bunch of conservatives jumping out of their chairs and yelling, "Whiskey Tango Foxtrot! Did she just say what I think she said??")

I was leaning heavily toward Obama for a long time, until Kucinich stumbled into my life. I fell hard for Kucinich. He was a 99% match for me on almost every survey, which continued to be confirmed the more I read and understood and researched. Then, I spent a lot of time learning about his wife. I was even more smitten. But, alas, I'll have to go another way. So, I'm back to Obama. I'm still crazy about Obama, but he's more like a good friend - where Kucinich was a red hot lover.

I also won't cry if Clinton wins (although I have plenty of pals that just loathe her, and will be tearing their clothes and beating their cheeks if she wins). H.C. and I have plenty in common. She would represent me fine. Obama would represent me better.

McCain ... well, he was already at the very low end of my view of all issues. He doesn't have a chance with my vote. Poor guy.

Now, of course, it is obvious that I differ greatly from many of my friends and acquaintances (and in some elections, even my husband). Whatever you do - for Pete's sake, don't you dare ever take something I say about politics and just do it (or do the opposite just because you can't stand me!). Do the learning for yourself. Continue to look at the big picture, and dare to look outside of your typical voting box, if you've had one.

Throughout college I was a straight-ticket Republican. Then, one day, I finally had my first class with Dr. Cravens (a legend at Howard Payne). He was always spouting off about being a die-hard Democrat. I was flabbergasted. I thought only blatant liberal sinners were Democrats and God-fearing church going' folk were the Republicans. And he was getting a paycheck from a Baptist University. For shame! Somehow, through the years, I had been taught that voting Republican was the "Christian thing to do." It was through that experience when I at least considered that it was the ignorant, not-using-your-brain and ability-to-read thing to do.

I no longer align myself with a party. I really dig deep and find out about candidates. I align with the people and the things they plan to do.


Leann said...

LOL... well, we agree on JESUS!!!!! and in the end that is all that really matters my friend... (((HUG)))

Leann said...

Oh, and some republicans are thinkers.... I read EVERYTHING ON EVERYBODY!!!!! That means I rarely vote straight ticket anything... ;)

Kim said...

I'm just glad to be Canadian at times like this!! =)

I like Obama, though, and I hope he wins - I don't know what it is about Hilary, but she gives me the willies. LOL

bw said...

Awww I think fondly of the world checker champ Dr. Cravens. In fact I was just telling my kids "the 1st Tuesday after the 2nd Monday...."

I won't ever forget the 30 min lecture on that one. :)


Heather said...

Amen Sister!! =)
I refuse to align myself with either party as well, and as a Political Science major, proudly shout out I'm an Independent - just like our Forefathers intended! My hubby? He's a die hard Republican. We more often than not cancel each other out at the polls, as I usually vote Democrat. HC will be getting my vote this year - I hope. Otherwise it'll be BO. (HE!!) That's funny! BO - get it?! HA HA... um... sorry. My hubby told me the other day I was a Republican in denial. I thought that was funny! He's one that thinks all Democrats don't hold traditional Christian views, and I'm not holding true to my Christian views by voting for a Democrat. Poor guy - like many others he's so misguided! I say vote for the best canidate of your choice - no matter Rep or Dem, thank God that's our rights as Americans. ;)

Lana said...

Well... it sounds like your survey results were similar to my survey results. I stopped thinking of myself as a Repbulican awhile ago, I hope and pray we all THINK and pray about all of this. I got another one of those... "Obama is a muslim" stupid emails yesterday and went to his websit and copied a speech he gave regarding his faith and had to send it out. I was so disappointed by the person who had sent it to me. It showed that even seemingly thinking individuals are blinded by the "must vote rebulican to be a christian" lie.
Thanks again Christine for putting it all out there!

Christine said...


My husband and I have canceled each other out on many occasions!


Poor Obama. We have Christians who say we should not be ashamed of our faith and proudly proclaim that we follow Christ.

Barack follows Christ, but no one wants to believe him!!

Go figure.

Summer said...

I've been registered Independnt for as long as I've been voting, but this year I switched to Democrat just to throw Kuc some love. Of course that vote went Obama's way instead, but still. It feel odd to have a party line on my voter registration card.

Lady Why said...

I want a true conservative for president. Unfortunately there is not one running.

Llama Momma said...

Great thoughts here!!

I'm afraid to voice my political I give you huge kudos for doing so.

And, hey, at least those google searchers for doing some research, even at the last minute! I was in line at the polling place and a Mom I knew asked, "Who is on the ballot? Who are you voting for?"

It was too late...there were too many issues and candidates to educate her in five minutes or less...

Lawree said...

Don't know if you remember, but I wrote an article for the Yellowjacket many (many, many) years ago about this. It was about finding out the facts and not choosing a candidate based on "herd mentality" -- just because someone else says it's what you should do. I was able to talk to several of the professors and one of the only gave me a quote under the condition I didn't list her name as she feared persecution should people know she was a Democrat. To this day I find that sad and frightening. America is all about freedom of choice... right?

Coincidentally, the US elections are all the talk in Bucharest and I would bet money that many of the people I work with here know more about the candidates than many of my friends back in the US.

Amanda said...

haha...I laughed so hard through this post because there are times you post when I can clearly hear the words coming from your mouth, and this was one of them. You are so great Christine! :)

and on a very very side note: yesterday I caught literally 50 seconds of Days of Our Lives and John Black was doing his sick heavy breathing and was looking over his dead mother. shocking. I know.

Terroni said...

This post reminded me of my first political conversation with my friend Katie.

I was a freshman in college and Katie was a Lutheran pastor's daughter. At the time, I, too, had been told that all real Christians were Republicans.

I don't remember exactly how the conversation went, but I remember Katie saying, "You know, I know that there are Christians who are Republicans, but I don't know why. I mean, it clearly says over and over again that we are to take care of the poor and fatherless. That's hard to do if you vote against all the social programs."

That sort of rocked my world.

I walked from many conversations with Katie liking the Christ she knew more than the one I thought I did.

Happy Momma said...

I agree with the sadness in the traffic on Monday is scary to think of how this whole thing will turn out, especially with people waiting until the last minute to do their research!

Lisa Sharp said...

With Kucinich out have you looked at Ron Paul? Many of Kucinich's supporters like Ron Paul. Paul and Kucinich are even friends. :)