Monday, March 03, 2008

Thoughts on the way home ...

Were you curious as to whether the drive across Texas would somehow become more exciting over a two week period? No? Because you have a brain in your head?

While hours and hours of interstate don't give you a wonderful taste of the Lone Star State, it was fun to toodle through a few local towns on the trip, and observe the Obama/Clinton supporters. They were out in full-force, even in the tiniest of towns. It was fun to see so many people actively involved in the voting process.

I got to hear NPR anchors say "Vladmir Puton" all day. I just love the phonetics of that name. I remember how much I love English accents (it's not "territory" - it's "terr-i-tree"). There were a few hours of Lake Wobegon. Can't beat that.

We returned last night. The weather was great, until the last ten minutes, when we pulled into a terrible thunderstorm. We were very close to home, and kept the radio on for any warnings. We made it home, safe and sound, to lots of rain, 40 degree temps, and two cats that were already pretty freaked because of the weather (throw in three kids who desperately needed to frolick, and ... well, that first hour was VERY entertaining!).

The last two weeks have been utterly exhausting and utterly wonderful. It was an interesting time of noticing all of the uniquenesses of the Rockport hotel and motel industry. There were hours of painting and cleaning, and then seeing the results of your labor. Everyone worked together to get things accomplished ... family, friends, motel guests ... heck, even the dogs kept our morale up.

Then there were all the fabulous things I was able to experience as a mother: hearing the many dramatic and painfully inaccurate things that my four-year-old would share as she followed around anyone that would listen ... observing my oldest daughter cleaning without being asked and watching after younger children when it was helpful ... and seeing my formerly-squeamish son pick apart a squid, toss around dead perch and flick a tick off of him without crying and wigging out - only to run right back into the tall grass or trees to play.

There were the truly rich experiences that the kids received in the area. We had recently read about water fowl. We spent one evening at the Wildlife Refuge area on Fulton Beach Road, where we saw dozens of seagulls, pelicans, ducks ... you name it!

There were old friends and new friends (one of which I called "Chris" the whole time, and who finally corrected me as I was driving away - it's "Cliff"!). He also whined like a baby when I asked him to take a pic with me ("My hair looks like sh**!" That still makes me laugh when I think about it).

There were truly comical moments (which I would share, but those involved may never speak to me again! heh!). There was lots of time with family, which is always irreplaceable (not to mention that I married into a really fab group of people).


Cammie said...

I can't beleive you drove from Oklahoma to Rockport...the whole length of Texas...with 3 kids! That's such a LOOOOONNG drive! Ugh!

Once again, you are better than I!

Terroni said...

Ahh...a fellow NPR fan, eh?

But do you have podcasts of "Wait, wait, don't tell me" on your iTunes? Are you that cool?

If not, perhaps you should come hang with me. So that my coolness may rub off.

Lana said...

So glad you are home and safe. Sounds like a great trip.
And what could be better than hours of Lake Wobegon stories? We saw Garrison Keillor last year when he came to Austin... I adore him.

Shan said...

I'm glad you had such a memorable trip for the kiddos and a fun time with family! I went on a tiny 3 hour trip to OKC this weekend and listened to a few episodes of This American Life on my i-pod while the kids heard a audiobook on the car cd player. That was a funny quiet ride both ways. We are spoken audio junkies when the Daddy isn't with us. :D
Did you forget your toothbrush on the trip? Noticed your mouth was absent in the photos. Haha dental humor just for me.