Monday, April 21, 2008

Coming up for air

I have five wonderful kids, all of whom are in the throws of some major adjustment issues. Everyone is acting out, in their own special way. I am basically spending my days serving as counselor, referee and cook. We're working on "using our words." Today there was some name calling, some tears, some pretend needs to throw up, some yelling, some taking things without asking and hiding them in the closet ... and you would probably think that all comes from my new additions, and you'd be OH, so very mistaken.

It's good. Everyone is working through their grief over the changes that have happened. Things are more noisy. There are more people. There are more reasons to fight over who sits where at the dinner table, in the car, at the restaurant, etc. There are more questions. There are more "Moooooooooooooooom"'s.

We waited a day to implement the seating "procedure." Every child gets a turn at seating everyone when we eat or are in the car. So, you will eventually get your turn. They actually have more fun deciding where to stick Mom and Dad.

It's a booger. There's no doubt about it. Yet, all of my kids are so amazing. There has been more laughter, more silliness, more talking, more singing, more dancing, more smiles. They are all working very hard. Everyone is struggling, yet they will all apologize and accept apologies, and acknowledge that it's a hard time for everyone. They're the first ones to pick and make fun, but they're also the first ones to love and protect one another.

And ... breeeeathe.


Amanda said...

oh goodness. I can actually picture your house right now! When I get a new student it can completely change the dynamic of the class so I can only imagine adding members to a family in that way!

debby said...

I doubled my family size for short-term foster care. Realizing that my old 'normal' wasn't gonna happen, we found a new 'normal' and made it through ok, and those kids are still ok, too! (college and high school now)

Is the Celebrate! songbook the old brown own? Such memories!

Christine said...


It actually is pretty bright (plenty of orange) and has a couple of "hippy" Christians on the front. I'll have to take my camera up and get a picture!!

Shan said...

That "some pretend needs to throw up" was you wasn't it? Bahaha. I know. Emetiphobe's never pretend-only avoid.
Glad you haven't collapsed yet! I absolutely love having extra kids come and stay with us-it makes me feel so accomplished and feel like adopting a couple. After about the second day though, I usually have an extreme change in euphoria and want everyone to go. Mine included. I'm fickle that way, but I know you aren't so keep your strength up! xo

Cammie said...

Does Christine have a 'normal'?

On the other note, I *heart* Dallas Holm!!

'Hey, I'm a believer now, since Jesus set me free'!

First song I heard after becoming a Christian @ 8 years old!!