Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Magical Milk Pic-O-The-Week

Today, is super special for me, because it's one of my favorite Julie's in the whole wide world, married to one of my favorite Rocky's in the whole world who have seven of the most scrumptious kids in ... well, you get the idea.


The Rudd Family said...

hey, who's the hot broad with the nice rack?

sweet, christine...you've turned my wife into a porn star.

i've spent my whole life looking for a nice, Christian porn star, and now i'm there! i rule.

Christine said...

Rockford, you need to jump on that! Start the video series for Lifeway, print up some t-shirts (oooo! even better would be g-strings!) and go on tour - first stop, of course, would be the Pastor's Conference of the SBC.

Don't miss that boat, my friend.

lana said...

Way to go Julie! Rocky... you are still one of my favorite Rocky's in the world too!

Peculiar said...

How precious is this picture!!

Christy said...

Hey, I know you!!! I'm so glad you all are doing well.