Thursday, April 24, 2008

Tough life lessons at the crane machine

My two new additions have only been in the US for a few years. They are still experiencing some "firsts." Yesterday, it was crane machines.

"Sister, please can I borrow a dollar? I'll pay you back at home. I want you to do it for me and win me something."


Money goes in. Crane goes over. Does its thing. Nothing.



"Well, I don't have to pay you a dollar now."

"Uh, yeah you do."

Gentle explanation about taking a "gamble" on crane machines.

All the way to the car: "That's not fair. They cheated. Tell the people at the store."

Gentle explanation about how they tempt people to play so they can make more money.

On the way home: "Mom, if a policeman played that game and didn't get anything, could he arrest the people?"

Gentle explanation about what exactly a "disclaimer" is and why it is understood that you don't always win something.

Dad comes home last night. I walk through the living room. Take a wild guess what he and my son were discussing ...


Cammie said...

I so remember the first time my son learned the 'Crane Machine Life Lesson'. It was a sad day for him!

SuburbanCorrespondent said...

See? We homeschoolers are learning all the time...

Summer said...

Tell him I'm an adult and I still wish someone could get arrested when I don't win the cute frog just sitting there staring at me. It's not fair!


JessLeonard said...

Hi there!!! Great blog!!!!I will be back for more for sure!!!

I agree with the others and the kids.... someone should do something to stop the injustice!!! ;0)

JHS said...

Thanks for participating in this week's Carnival of Family Life hosted by Riley at All Rileyed Up! Be sure to drop by and check out the other wonderful submissions included in this week's Carnival!

Riley said...

My husband actually WINS at the crane machine. Quite often. He's setting the kids up for a rude realization, I think...