Monday, May 05, 2008

Hello Mudda'. Hello Fadda'.

Ahhhhh, camping.

It was a beautiful weekend on the Illinois River. It's officially an annual thing for us.

This year was a bit different, however. More people means more laundry and more stuff. That equated to a trip to the laundromat tonight to wash every sleeping bag and anything else that got peed on (Kudos to Mac for getting herself outside the tent before barfing - she ROCKS!). It sure was nice to see everything all washing and spinning at once. It saved me a TON of time, and lots of hot water ... which we all desperately needed ... we stink.

Came home and did some sewing, because somehow (hmmmmm) one of the kids' sleeping bags got shut in the washing machine door, which then spun that little section of material so tightly that it tore right off ... ummmm, and a bunch of water leaked out as well. Geez, what moron let that happen?

So, I sewed up the hole, AND added elastic bands to a few of the tinier sleeping bags that didn't have them (ya' know, to hold them all in their little doo-doo roll shape for storing). Now more things in the house smell clean, instead of like an outhouse mixed with campfire. I'm feeling pretty good.

I miss the river, but in about a half hour I will no longer miss the smell that keeps following me around.


Shan said...

WOW! That, we'll go with fun. What an interesting trip it sounds like you had. I guess it was warm enough eh?
And look at the cutie Mom-o-five with her muscly fit arms! Go Christine! OWWWW! You've been playing the Wii haven't you?! keekee

Christine said...

Ah yeah. That would be my tennis arm!

Leann said...

don't you look adorable! so glad you had a great adventure in the great outdoors. Gotta love the outhouse/campfire stuff. :)