Monday, May 26, 2008

Keeping it green but mostly flexible

When your family grows and you are parenting hurt children and everyone is adjusting ... well, yes, I have bought much more plastic than normal, and yes, I have tossed out things instead of taking the time to break them down for the recycling bin, and yes, some of my scraps have hit the garbage can instead of making their way to the compost bin.

I bought napkins and paper towels, too. And toilet paper - CAUSE I KNOW YOU'RE WONDERING!


I'm not proud of it!!

One day I'll be just as anal as I was, and it will be a time to celebrate. It will mean that I can focus on banana peels instead of "using our words" and conflict resolution and continuous grief.

For now, though, I've had to be a lighter shade of green. My kids feeling comfortable, safe and relaxed is priority one. There are battles that I used to pick to fight that now - I baulk at them! They have enough worries and stress. Everything I can simplify for me, thereby simplifying things for them - I do it. They need it. They deserve it.

My flexitarian self has also been taken down a notch. Last week a beef fairy filled our deep freeze to the brim, with red meat ... free range, straight from the farm, red meat. The best part is that my new sweethearts in my home absolutely adore beef. It is a major comfort food for them. And I have a butt load of it ... for free.

I'm embracing my children with brisket and Bounty, because I love them. When they are secure and safe and comfortable, I'll introduce them to the wonderful world of tofu and cloth napkins ... one day ... not any time even remotely soon, but one day.


Tally said...

Wonderful Christine! Excellent job! You inspired me in my paperless quest and I have hit some walls myself. Flexibility is the key. Bondage to anything is the real enemy. Your priorities are awesome!!! God bless you!

Shan said...

I think you are doing the right thing for your own task list as well. Some things have just got to give when you are giving so much.
Are these kids staying a long long time? I thought you were doing respite for someone. Did I miss something or perhaps it will unfold in time. I did make your updated tater tot dish yesterday. Of course I can't make things like that without cheese so THAT happened but it was tasty, inexpensive and hearty as well.
I've also planned to have taco soup because I love having dinner suggestions. Saves me some thinkin' time. I'm a little nervous about the hominy because of a nasty memory from childhood, but I eat grits so I'm going to push forward through my predjudice. :D Have a great week! xo

Christine said...

That's right, Shan, but they'll probably enjoy most of the summer with us.

I also HATED hominy as a kid, because every time we went to a new church they would give us a "pounding" of canned goods - and most people just gave us the hominy that was still sitting in the back of their pantries. It always made me feel like they didn't really care, but were hoping to give the appearance of caring.

I have moved past it, though. Actually like the stuff now in the taco soup! It has redeemed hominy for me!!

Vera said...

Love your blog, your crunchy-ness and your adoption openness.
Do you have any book recommendations for "using your words" and conflict resolution?

Christine said...

Yes, Vera. I highly recommend the Love & Logic books! They're GOLD!

Some other good ones are: "How to Behave So Your Children Will Too," "How to Talk So Kids Will Listen and Listen So Kids Will Talk," and "Good and Angry: Exchanging Frustration for Character in You and Your Kids."

Cheri said...

There is true beauty in balance!

Terroni said...

Congratulations on all the free protein!

Although I'd love to call myself green, I can't seem to give up paper towels. I can go days without using them, but I find myself panicking a bit if there aren't any in the house.

Gayle said...

love the term flexitarian, I'm gonna steal it!! LOL

love ya, miss ya, read ya almost everyday :0 !


Leann said...

LOL... I am so glad to know you are human like the rest of us!

I fall down EVERY single day of my life (both spiritually and ecologically) but the difference in the way we (you and I and Christians in general) live and the way the rest of the world lives (those with no hope, so to speak) is that we know there is a God who is bigger than all of this and He is full of grace and mercy. In the bigger picture a little toilet paper never really makes that much difference.

I love you and your total honesty!!! I love the way you live the convictions in your heart. You inspire my socks off!!!!! :)