Monday, May 12, 2008

Passing down the important things to your children

We worry about teaching our kids the vital things in life:

lots of other Sunday School answers ...

Yet, last week on our camping trip, I was given the ultimate blessing as a mother. I realized that I had done my job. I had passed on the valuable nuggets to my children that will carry them throughout life.

As a load of teenagers were getting off their rafts, one of them made the inevitable "van down by the river" joke ... and my kids laughed ... because they knew exactly what that kid was talking about. We followed up that experience by showing them "The Princess Bride" for the first time, because I would be mortified to send them out into adulthood without knowing the meaning behind, "Anybody want a peanut?"

I have succeeded as a parent! Guess I can take it easy now.


Tracie said...

You must show them Brian Reagan then too! Have you heard of him. He's a stand up comedian. He's very quotable. My kids are quite adept at quoting him and making us quite proud!

Amanda said...

uugghhh... when my kids at school have no idea what The Princess Bride is I almost pass out! Good for you Chris! Fight that good fight! :)

Noah Bear said...

I love that your kids know that! You're such a cool mom. Mine are still young, but they know every Mr. Bean by heart and DH is dying to introduce Monty Python. :-)


blondie said...

"Van down by the river"....that is great! RIP Chris Farley. Our daughter likes to quote Doug Heffernan from King of Queens. Fun stuff!