Thursday, June 26, 2008

James Dobson forgot to use his words

Have you heard Dobson's public take on Obama this week? CORRECTION: His public take on a two-year-old speech. You can watch the video here.

I haven't been a big Dobson fan for awhile. I know, I know, that makes me a bad mainstream Christian. Good thing I'm not one.

I'm having flashbacks to the whole SBC controversy when I hear one Christian say that another Christian is deliberately distorting the Bible, and that their views are "fruitcake." Next thing we know, someone will be busing in hoards of people to jack up the votes ... sorry ... that just flew over the head of all of you who were not embroiled in the infamous Southern Baptist good-old-boy slam fest (also known as the "SBC Conservative Resurgence/Fundamentalist Takeover" for short!).

Thankfully, Jim Wallis has weighed in. He does not endorse any candidates, but makes it a point to openly defend those who follow Christ when they are unjustly attacked by ... well ... those who follow Christ!

For those of you who are sitting here saying, "The psycho Christians are at it again!" let me remind you that people that believe in the teaching of Jesus Christ are, well, PEOPLE! Every single one of us has some major screw-ups that we have not yet tackled. We have a nice cornucopia of extremists, just like every other type of label or group on the planet (including your own - whatever that may be).

Hang in there with us.



MommaJen said...

yes Dobson did better when he stuck to parental advice. when he entered the "political" world I lost a lot of respect for him. Shh, don't tell anyone I said that! around here, he is like God himself.

Annee said...

You know how a lot of Christians think persecution is coming. My husband thinks its not going to be from "those Liberals" as many would like to believe but rather from fellow Christians (people like Dobson who forget the whole Grace part of Grace and Truth). I hope he's wrong because the Inquisition was no fun.

Cammie said...

Interesting post!

dreamingBIGdreams said...

great post.
i find myself guilty of doing this too sometimes.
thanks for the reminder.

blog said...

i think dobson is losing his "leadership" of the christians in this country. the new emergent movements are definitely not in line with him. I should know, i've been in plenty of conversations with older relatives about the ideas in our generation's take on christianity. the ideas of guys like rob bell and erwin mcmanus. dobson represents the older generation - the billy graham generation.

its not necessarily a bad thing the way the influence is changing. dobson still holds a lot of sway but i think its just not what it was for him in the past.

at the same time i can understand the negative sentiment toward obama. i don't trust the guy (or any career politician) one bit and his statements on faith sound (in my humble opinion) very contrived. in some ways its as if he's trying to win some of that evangelical vote that they all said won bush a second term...

kimrhodes said...

Thanks for the blog love and for leaving us a comment about our adoption. Now I know your blog I'll be able to keep up with you as well. I love networking with new people

MadHatter said...

Have not heard Dobson's latest, but he is human like the rest of us--which isn't always pretty.
Don't know if I care to hear it, honestly.

Obama is scary to me though b/c I think he is a scary kind of Christian based on what I've heard and read myself, nearly every week in following the campaign.

He's scary b/c I think he is one of those who is NOT a Christian. When asked recently whether or not he was a Christian he said he was steeped in the "tradition"--try steeping in the WORD, dude.

Thankful that I serve a God who rules and overrules and does not need me or anyone else to sweat November.

lana said...

I am always concerned when someone like a "Dobson" takes this type of tone because he is so public. So many people who are not Christ followers just lump us all together with whatever the Dobson or someother public person says. It makes it that much harder for us to reach out to people who may not agree with everything we think when there is one so public who uses such poor choices with his words.

Leann said...

Well, now that takes me back 30 years or so.... hadn't had that conversation in quite some time, although, hubby does do the "historical overview" from time to time to those at church who bring it up. LOL

Yeah, Dobson should stay out of the political talk but then again, it is divisive no matter who brings it up. It just depends on what each person's opinions are as to how they will react... I, personally, did not let it even make a blip on my radar... my mind is made up no matter what anyone else says on any of it.

I love not have television! It is so calm in my house during such a hot button time. :) I only get my dander up when I hear the radio news at lunch from time to time. ;)

I love your summary on it all, though. All at a different place and dealing with different issues and such. Good stuff!

By the way... my mom has breast cancer and I am heading to Kilgore tomorrow. Please pray for her... she has surgery on Monday.

Makes all this other crap seem so small, huh?

topsytechie said...

Great post Christine...and thanks for the link to JW's really resonated. How DID a child psychologist become such a political "expert?"