Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Magical Milk Pic-O-The-Week

(photo by NYGUS)


Brenda said...

They have so little and we have so much.

Jamie said...

i found your blog on recommendation from a friend of a friend (of a friend, you know how things work in the blogworld..) i've done some reading and perusing during naptime today, and i had to comment and say thank you thank you THANK YOU for talking about SEX! sex, sex, SEX! it just needs to be shouted! and breastfeeding! and pretty much everything else you've written about that i've had time to read.. but especially SEX! this has been a difficult area of marriage for me and i was especially discouraged today -- God knew what i needed and i'm so thankful.

gotta give some background after that emphatic hello: my husband and i are missionaries in japan, we've been married a little over two years and have a 16 month crazy little guy. i mean CRAZY. so getting pregnant 4 weeks in wasn't so good for newly-wed romance -- morning sickness and tender breasts and bulging belly and just learning about each other and all. when the dude was 10 months, we moved to japan -- life has held a lot of stress and change for me since getting married, so my libido has suffered. none of my friends were even married before i had the little guy, so i felt really alone at times -- women in my church tried to help, but there were also emotional issues that are starting to come out now in my times with God -- its good, and hubby and i are learning so much about each other..

wow, that was long and unnecessary. but anyway, thank you! thank you for your courageousness in saying what needs to be and can be said! SEX!