Friday, August 15, 2008


I'm a magnet for questions. We have three black kids. We have FIVE kids. We homeschool. Apparently, I have a tattoo on my forehead that says, "Please, openly question my judgment."

And I attend church with a great population of senior adults. So, there you have it.

Last night I got, "I would want to know how much schooling you have completed to be able to homeschool." I like that one. See how they try to make it sound almost like they're asking for someone else ... like the public at large?

I was feeling saucy. I replied, "You could have a third grade education and homeschool your kids to college." And I just stopped. Didn't say anything else.

And my kids walked up and started asking questions, and sweet question-asking person eventually just walked off ... literally befuddled ("Did she really just say that?" "Are my kids right, and I really should get hearing aids?" ).

Fun times.


Anonymous said...

Christine, you probably have already seen this list from SHM, cause it has made its way across the web, I guess, but if not, it is a true hoot!

Brenda said...

We have quite a few homeschoolers in our church. I've heard them asked some goofy stuff......

Joell said...

LOVE it! Great way to leave 'em speechless! Ha.

PS I've missed reading your PC died in the spring and I've only recently gotten back online.

califmom said...

Classic. When people find out we homeschool, they assume it's like school at home, and they're usually supportive. Throw unschooling at them and their heads spin 'round, jaws drop, then they launch into all of the additional questions like, "How will they learn math?" Um, I don't know, how did you learn it, and what do you remember? You want to have a math-off with my kids? Rock on, people. Rock. On.

Sara said...

I don't understand how anyone would find that apropriate. They would balk if anyone came at them and questioned their parental rights/family structure and beliefs! I'd just love it if homeschoolers started asking in their same tone "you SEND your children to school!?!" Cuz...that would be freakin funny. Doubt they'd see that they indeed are the rude ones for questioning you, and finding that indeed it doesn't feel fun to be questioned in that same, those connections are rarely made but still.

Amie said...

I send a lot of time around the over 50 set as well and if I hear one more person say "well I just think they need to be around kids their own age" one more time I don't think I am going to have to say anything because I head is just going to explode and that will be the end of that! (can you tell I am a little touchy about this right now) In other news though, I love homeschooling and so do my children. It is really great to get encouragement from other that have and are BTDT.

Amie :)

Jeff Deutsch said...

Hello Christine,

I have great respect for anyone who can homeschool and do it right, and who can face the world - especially with a mixed family like yours.

I think it's extremely rude to question people about their personal family matters. (Ironically, modern society's insistence on a Constitutional right to privacy seems not to have stemmed that one bit.)

Folks who like to witness others' personal scandals and to deride the poor souls are welcome to join the studio audience for any of our lovely talk shows these days.

Interestingly, I credit my Asperger Syndrome with helping me recognize certain boundaries. Yes, I rigidly insist on not quizzing people about anything I might happen to be curious about without their permission, and on not unburdening myself totally in public myself.

As a largely solitary person, I like my privacy and I assume others like theirs until and unless they let me know otherwise.

Wrt politics, you have an excellent point there. I need to remember that the world will not end if my favorite presidential or other political candidates are not elected in November.

I especially enjoyed your Prideful Parenting Manifesto. I agree with you that children (and teens, whether they outwardly acknowledge it or not) need lots of personal attention from their parents.

It's clear your religious beliefs help you add passion and feeling to everything you do.

Keep up the awesome work!

Jeff Deutsch

Sarah said...

I'm considering homeschooling and I'm slowly realizing that this is the kind of scrutiny that I'm going to have to prepare myself for!! I've already had a few shocked looks/comments upon the mere mention that I'm simply *considering* homeschooling! Sheesh.

Continuing to adore your blog. :)

s g said...

I think many people are genuinely ignorant about homeschooling and have only caricatures on which to base their opinions. Too bad they don’t have better judgment on appropriate questions. Perhaps she honestly didn’t know if a homeschooling mom was required to have a college education? I’m assuming that this lady doesn’t read your blog? I’d be pretty hurt to be the topic of discussion on my pastor’s wife’s blog.

Christine said...

SG, I actually make it a common practice to openly blast the people we minister to, and do it in such a passive aggressive way so that everyone in the congregation can figure out who I'm blasting. I find that it is wonderfully demeaning and hurtful. And if people are too dense to figure it out, I just turn it into a "Letter to the Editor" in our local paper. It blesses me.

Very thoughtful of you to notice.