Wednesday, October 29, 2008

This costume kicks your costume's butt!

As my kids wait til the last minute to decide on a Halloween costume ... and as I refuse to spend any a large amount of money ... can you hear it? Can you hear my mother all the way out there in Dallas laughing her butt off? If she had a dollar for every time she stayed up late working on costumes of some sort, well, she would have retired loooooooong ago.

One year for the Christmas parade, all of the other gals in the flag corp were going to be Christmas presents - like every year. Not me! No sireee! Mom and I were up all night with a refrigerator box until we turned it into a giant carton of Borden's Egg Nog.

I was a carton of egg nog in the Christmas parade.


So, anywho, this year one of my boys would like to be Snoopy.


Yeah, we could buy the costume with the little mask. Not only would that 99 cent piece of trash cost us $30, but it's not terribly original (another way I'm just like my mom ... we complain about this last minute stuff, be we also then make more work for ourselves because we want it to be unique - note: WALKING CARTON OF EGG NOG!!!).

Anywho ... newspaper, balloons and fabric starch to the rescue. Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you the unfinished Snoopy head!

I'm quite proud of it. Of course, I still have to cut out the eyes and am terrified that the whole thing will crumble. Yet, for now, I am very pleased.

For you paper mache virgins out there, the process goes like this:

Blow up a balloon. Cut strips of newspaper (or tear it) about 1 inch wide. Dip each piece in liquid starch. Put it on the balloon and smooth it out. Keep going until you've put at least 2 layers all over it. You then let it dry over night. I didn't want it to stick to my pan where I had it laying, so I tied string to the ends of the balloons and let them hang from my cabinets, over a pan where they could just drip away all evening.

The next day you pop the balloons and voila! I covered two balloons separately. Then I connected the "nose" piece to the "head" piece with more paper mache, and let it dry about five more hours.

You can then cut around on it with an exacto knife however you need to! You can paint it. You can color on it with markers. Think of all the possibilities! With this basic concept, you've covered all the major characters of Peanuts, Jack (from Jack in the Box), a golfball head ... whatever! It's super cheap, and outside of it being a bit goopy and taking time to dry, it's waaaay easy.


Houston, we have ears!


BooBs said...

Looks awesome and I am totally impressed! We made a paper mache zebra pinata a few years ago and that thing weighed about 800 pounds by the time we were done. I had to consider whether or not to let the 5 year olds go after it with a chainsaw or not. Good thing we don't have a chainsaw...

Now wish me luck with the pirate vest and boots I still have to make!


BooBs said...

As you can see I changed my google name to one of my many insane nicknames--but I think it's perfectly appropriate letting you know how much I appreciate the Magical Milk pics!

Rock On!


Lisa said...

Christine you are such a smart mom!
I am envious. My mom always did these really cool things for me. I was such a lucky girl.

Mama Podkayne said...

Golfball? Nooooooo....EYEBALL! Yes indeedy, in 1991 I was an EYEBALL and we used that exact method. LOL My body was the optical nerve and the "Eye" sat perched on my head.

Cammie said...

I want to know if the eggnog was spiked? Like, your best friend or boyfriend at the time should have gone as a huge bottle of rum!

Lovin Snoopy. You must post pics of the whole costume.

queenoftheclick said...

OMG that costume is the bomb!

I mean seriously it is original, great for the environment and so cute. I would wear it.

Thanks for sharing and have a great Halloween!

Kristen said...

You are brilliant!

Recovering Noah said...

Oh my word. You really do rock, don't you? That is pretty darn impressive.

Alyssa's Mom said...

You are brilliant!!!

Got any easy, quick ideas for me?

I have to bartend tomorrow and I have no clue what to wear!

I have to be able to move and see!

Christine said...

My old fall-back is to give myself a black eye, put a "P" on my shirt, and go as a "black eyed pea."

Robyn said...

First, I love that there is a reader named boobs here in the comments.
I love the snoopy head! Was your son loving it? Because his eyes look pretty serious. Very creative! I agree whole heartedly about the cheap, dime-a-dozen costumes. We get one day a year to be creative!

Sara said...

That is super cool!!!