Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Magical Milk Pic-O-The-Week

(photo by yoya busquets flo)

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sandwichinwi said...

Yeah. I'm a waitress. My boss said the other day, "Nuthin' makes me more weirded out than a woman breastfeedin' in mah restaurant! I wish they wouldn't come in here!"


I said, "Why not?"

"Well, I get that it's all natural and all. It's just me. It makes me uncomfortable. This just isn't the place for that. People are trying to eat!"

And the baby is................

I said, "So she should nurse in the restroom?"

"Yeah. That would be better."

I said, "Why don't YOU go eat in the bathroom???"

"It just makes me uncomfortable, that's all."

Well then, shut up and don't look. (I might have said this out loud :D )

Maybe I'll print off all your magical milk pics in a little booklet for him for Christmas.


This pic is beautiful. Thanks for posting it.