Thursday, January 22, 2009

Bob Books in a whole new light

Bob Books are always a part of early reading in our house. The pictures are big and boxy and funny. They build on each other beautifully. They're just plain ... and plain silly.

As 5-year-old Presh started her way through her VERY FIRST Bob Book (a monumental occasion for every Moers child), she was struggling with keeping her eyes on the words. It is much easier to try to remember that Matt has one tiny hair on his head and Sam's noggin is pointed. Much easier than actually sounding out letters.

So, we're going along, and we arrive at page 7: "Sam sat on Mat." - which is MUCH better, by the way, than Mat having to sit on Sam's pointy little head - YIKES!

Presh is trucking along, but already getting exhausted.

And maybe my husband and I are the only ones who will find this funny. Yet, we can't stop laughing about it. It has become the catch-phrase of our home for days now.

Without sounding out a darn letter - just looking at the picture, Presh proudly "reads":

"Sam sat on him's head!"


BooBs said...

OUCH!! No wonder him is sad.

Great job Presh!

Summer said...


Evan is digging his Bob books, they're freakin' awesome. He's on book 4 and thinks he's king of the world now. LOL

Hope said...

Oh, this brought back memories. My kids are adults, one married, and I used the Bob Books when we home schooled them. I just asked my 21 year old son the photo of the page you posted and he said, yep that he remembered them, they were good books.