Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Christine goes to the OBGYN

I finally had my appointment post-rupture.

I have not been on birth control pills in 13 years, so we'll get to try those first (hoping that low dose and having the depression/anxiety under control, perhaps it won't make me insane this time around). Seeing how my husband has a vasectomy, now I way, WAY will never get pregnant.

Well, that and I'm 36 ... and apparently have PCOS.

Anywho, I was very leery, because finding a new OBGYN ... well, you all know. It's a big deal, and the last thing you want is for it to go down like bad blind date.

I was in love with my last OBGYN. Hmmmm. I guess that was a bad choice of words. Yet, I really, really did like him and we were so VERY on the same wave length (even though he totally looked like "Squiggy" from "Laverne & Shirley" and every time he walked in the room I kept waiting for him to yell, "HE-lloooooo!"). He was a wonderful doctor, despite the Squigginess.

Well, I've hit the jackpot again. This guy spent more than a half hour with me JUST talking about my pain and my options. He got comfortable. Let me talk and asked TONS of questions. There was absolutely no hurry. It was wonderful. He was very receptive to my level of comfort on taking a conservative approach, etc.

He got the exam done in record time. He's a genius. Just as it's time to kick of that really sucky part of the appointment, he asked me to tell him about my kids!! Yeah, he's a smart one. That led to him asking more and more and more questions about our family.

The appointment ended with him talking about the mission work he and his wife have done and asking, "Do you mind if I pray for your kids?" (referring to my Haitian Sensations). As I sat in a room with a nurse and a doctor I had just met an hour before (yup - still in my paper gown), he said the sweetest prayer for my kids and my family. It was unbelievably sincere.

Then we went back to joking about the scratch-n-sniff People Magazine's "Sexiest Men Alive" section(he has a fabulous sense of humor, to boot).

If the bc pills make me crazy, you'll be the first to know, I'm sure. I tend to write more when I'm flipping my lid. Good for you. Bad for my husband.


Hannah_Rae said...

Now that my husband and I have the amazing blessing of health insurance, I went for my first real womanly appointment with my first real gynecologist a few months ago. We came up with a plan to investigate my mysterious infertility issues, and after many many tests, came up with absolutely NOTHING!

Anwyho, I am so glad that you found such an amazing doctor. YAY! And one that prays for you to boot.

Cammie said...

sounds like you had a FABULOUS appointment!

I super puffy heart love my OB-GYN, too! When I was pg with my son, I would go for my check-ups and he would make sure everything was ok and then we would chat. One time, he told me about the fabulous apple pie that his wife had made. Sat and recited the recipe for me so I could write it down! He also delivered my son in scrubs and cowboy boots! I thought it was cool...made my mother crazy!

Kim said...

How did you find an OBGYN to *pray* with you?!?!??!?

Betsy said...

Amazing! So happy for you! He sounds perfect and I hope the pills work!

lana said...

I think that doctor would be worth flying to Oklahoma to see. What a blessing. I'll be praying for the bc pills. Everytime I had to chage I went nuttso too. That can be a little scary.