Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Magical Milk Pic-O-The-Week

(photo by maddecat)


Troy & Tara Livesay said...

Hey Christine -

LOVE you!!!!

dreamingBIGdreams said...

where is that taken?

Christine said...


Kim said...

Wow! That's quite random!

(Can I have a replica for when I open my Lactation Consulting business?)

Troy & Tara Livesay said...

yeah, why is a jewelery store using a breast feeding woman to promote product -- does seem random. Maybe Isaac is the marketing guy for this store and he just has not told me.

Tonight I am in the middle of what I think is a deep adoption conversation with him and he seems to be listening and I say something like, "Okay buddy, whatever you feel is okay whether you miss your birth mom or not - it is okay" His response" "I really really love this spaghetti Mom!"

Christine said...

Yup. I think Isaac may be moonlighting on you ... ya' know ... in Istanbul.

Although, I wouldn't put it past that kid.

Laura said...

Hey Christine,
Thought you might like this PSA:

you rock!