Saturday, February 14, 2009

My Skinny Valentine

This post is in honor of my husband.

I'm quite fond of my Miguel.

He has spent the last two months, literally working his butt off. He has dropped about 17 pounds. He looks 10 years younger. His snoring no longer makes me want to add an extra bedroom to the house. Just yesterday he crossed into a healthy level with his BMI and is no longer in the "unhealthy" category. I'm proud of him, but more than anything, I love seeing him so proud of himself.

He surprised me with a date last night. Had planned ahead for babysitting. With some of our kids' needs, our options are tight. He pulled it off and it PAYED off. He is spending Valentine's Day conducting a funeral.

I found out about the date as I entered our bedroom yesterday morning, and written across the mirror it said, "Would you like to go out on a date with me TONIGHT? Check one: yes or no"

I love him because he used dry erase markers.

We went to a little Italian place we love. There was some guy screaming at the manager when we walked in. This place is tiny. The entire restaurant was just staring at the whole altercation.

The dude (measuring about 6' and weighing in well over 200 lbs) went outside to call the police and report the 5' manager (weighing about 100 lbs with wet sweats on) had assaulted him. She "crushed" his hand when she took his receipt, telling him to just leave without paying.

My husband took my coat out to her, as she was stuck out in the cold waiting on the police (yes - TWO police showed up for this - with lights flashing) to finish up.

We ended up at the exact same table where poor assaulted giant was sitting. We had the same waitress he had complained to endlessly, causing her to cry. My husband and I loved all over this sweet girl.

When the manager came back in and returned my coat, my husband encouraged her, as well.

Michael dropped me off at home before picking up the kids. This gave me some quiet time to settle in for the night. It also did not allow my healing kids to try to hurt me by controlling or making comparisons to me and the super awesome couple that watched them (they ARE super awesome, yet sometimes they take it to another level).

He did the extra work to get our Valentine surprises ready for the kids.

This morning, each child presented me with a homemade card. Come to find out, several days ago their father made it very clear they would all make me something to show me love on Valentine's Day. He insisted, and was reminding them daily - keeping me at the forefront of their minds.

There is no one like my Miguel. The things we laugh about privately together, and the looks we give each other across a room, and the times we absolutely CAN'T look at each other for fear of cracking up ... it's our own little world.

I love Michael Moers.


Troy & Tara Livesay said...

aaawwww. love.

Lisa said...

That was soooo sweet. Thanks for sharing Christine!

Rachel said...

that was super sweet. Happy Valentine's Day!

Amanda said...

i did not heed the "dry heave alert".

glad you had a great day! what a sweet husband you have. (don't tell him i said that)

can't wait to come hang out with you and your amazing family. did moers tell you i'm thinking of coming up the wkend of april 18th? hope it works.


Recovering Noah said...

That this is the sweetest tribute to your hubby. He sounds like a wonderful, amazing man.


Brenda said...

Not many men can pull off a blue tutu like him either. I'm so glad you two were there for the ladies at the restaurant.

Sara said...

Yay!! He thought of everything! How stinkin wonderful.