Friday, February 13, 2009

TLC is not coming to my house

I talk a big game. I want my kids to have full creative license. Yet, what you are about to see has been wonderful AND very difficult for me. I've tripped over it in the dark countless times, and have sucked up crazy stuff in the vacuum.

My children have created an entire Webkinz land. They each have homes. There is a pizza parlor, a hotel, their own currency system, Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts, and they've even held court a few times. The entire village is built out of recycled materials.

Last night Michael asked, "Wait a minute! You have all of that and there is no church?"

We were then informed that one was started, but people lost interest quickly ... including the pastor.

Yup. That's about right. At least it's true to life.

So, while it is insanely creative and I LOVE that their imaginations are exploding, this is now a permanent fixture in our living room. My husband and I see a box at the store and immediately think, "Oooo, I wonder what the kids could do with THAT?" I do think that, perhaps, it will eventually reach the ceiling. I'm insisting they are landlocked, so there's nowhere to go, but up.

*click on the pics to view larger image*

In case you're wondering, the vending machines in the hotel (made from boxes and tape) DO actually work!


Christy said...

My son makes all kinds of crazy things too. He won't touch Leggos, but he will build anything with tape and junk. I too have a love/hate relationship with it because what do you do when you need to vaccuum?

Hannah_Rae said...

My sister and I used to use the styrofoam that things are packed in and use it for GI Joe forts and such. My husband bought a new monitor for our church's office the other day, and I told Rachel "Wouldn't this be a perfect fort?" We had wild imaginations, and would often tell other kids they weren't "playing right" because their ideas of what to play didn't line up with our complex story line. :)

Good job, kiddos. Keep it up...and up and up. :)


Diana said...

This is way better and way more fun for everyone than the ones they build on the computer! Way to go, kiddos!

My kids have now kicked all the barbies out of the doll house and moved all their Tamagotchis and plastic lizzards in. Too funny! I think I'll show them this post and see what happens to the webkinz next. :-)

truevyne said...

I have to admit, before I read the post or looked closely at the photo, I thought that you unloaded your pantry to show what you eat. You, know like in those cool DK books about different cultures?

Anyhow, I will NOT let my daughter look at this photo or know anything about your children's brilliant creative ideas, though I cherish the fact that you actually let your kids do this in your house.

I cleaned her room for her last week and I'm still mad. Not to mention sore.

When I collected bits, strings, and things all tied up in yarn a few days ago, I charged her a dollar for my maid services.

She and my husband are building a contraption in the woods, but I can't abide it inside just now.

MommaJen said...

oh, you are a fabulous mom for letting your kids do this! I won't let mine do this in the living room, but in their rooms, they are free to create and I love it! funny about the church!

Troy & Tara Livesay said...

I'm going to find a way to get TV reception down here soon ... I know it won't be long until you're on Oprah and they are hauling out trash bag after trash bag of boxes while you sit weeping and explaining why it was useful.

hopefuloffive said...

You make all of us look like bad moms, I totally agree I won't let me kids see this. I try, really try to grasp the little creative beings, but then every Tuesday much of is disappears into the recycling bin, I just can't look at it that long. It is amazing how they can play with boxes and tape FOREVER, why ever even buy gifts? So fun, way to go fun mama!

lana said...

I just had a rush of emotion! We were all about building a giant barbie house out of cardboard boxes when we were little. It totally rocked. I LOVE this and the vending machines really are my fav!

Sara said...

I LOVE it!!!

julie said...

I so love that one of the windows is covered in foil! No kidding that they are true to life.

Recovering Noah said...

I have a ton boxes that I'm trying to pry out of Eli's hands. Want me to send them your way??

I swear, if we lived closer, my kids would be at your house all the time.