Monday, March 09, 2009

Christine Did Dallas

Seven people.

One minivan.

Speaking through behaviors.

Time for a vacation from our vacation.

Actually, it was a great break, in the midst of some horrible moments.

The zoo brought us up-close experiences of mating monkeys and an elephant taking the biggest whiz in the history of elephant whizzes. Very educational.

Had some very good discussions over negative behaviors. The most popular across the board was how children want to punish their parents for dishing out consequences or correcting them. Yet, parents who are well-prepared and full of crazy love will make sure it is impossible for you to punish them; instead punishing yourself more. A vote was taken, and my children agree they would like parents with less intelligence.

One child and I have been working through understanding cause-and-effect thinking. I threw out a few scenarios. We worked through the various outcomes based on making a choice in the middle of very big feelings. This kid wants the good outcomes, but struggles with their tried and true habit of acting on impulses immediately. They have worked their emotional butt off for the past two days. Every few hours we discuss the times they have WANTED to act differently and how they actually stopped and thought it through.

Today I reminded them how you cannot live like this for this many years and just change it all overnight. It will take lots and lots and lots of practice. They will mess up again. Yet, at the same time, they can keep moving forward. You could see it in their eyes. They want that to change. Yet, behaving based on feelings is all they've ever known. Working on the behaviors while still having the feelings - tough!

(photo by Dan Freeman)


Recovering Noah said...

Hey! Okay, I really must plan a trip to Oklahoma. Eli is STILL talking about Mac. He's in loooove. He's going to "marry her and we can play T-Rex together and I'll chase her around and she'll run from me and her hair will blow back." ROFL - he's a hoot, isn't he?

Had so much fun meeting up with you. Can't believe it's been a week!

Hannah_Rae said...

Adventures! I am so jealous! :) Congrats on the hair compliments. I know that means a lot to you. So many things I could say, but I guess this is enough.



Amanda said...

hahaha... I love you. "The hours of recapping every single detail of the science museum made me want to kill myself, but he is insanely analytical."


sandwichinwi said...

How about some tips for working your magic on 4 year olds!

And how about a road trip to Wisconsin?


Unknown said...

yip it is always the poos and wees at the zoo that is the most memorable...

sounds like an adventure and a half!

again amazed at your tenacity and spirit!

blessings, fireball