Monday, March 02, 2009

Food allergies can't catch a break

I realized that Presh's food allergies rarely get a shout out on here. Poor, poor food allergies.

As I was sitting in church on Sunday, after having listened to her breakdown of how our crunching on the wafers during communion is like the crunching of Jesus' bones on the cross ... we all popped in our wafers. I noticed they looked a bit different. Dang they were good. I mean - DANG! They were not those little pieces of white cardboard we normally have. These were a tiny bit chewy, bigger and with a hint of sweetness! CRAZY! As I was crunching away on the bones of my Savior, I was thinking, "YUM DIDDLY!"

That's when it hit me. These are new. Would there ever be a recipe for unleavened bread with eggs in them? What about the sweetness? Maybe it was a glaze? Would she throw up her entire morning of everything before or after the congregation had cleared the sanctuary?

FYI: new yummy wafers used at the First Baptist Church do not contain eggs or nuts.

We went to a salad buffet last night. The staff said there were no eggs in the gingerbread. Yet, still, you just never know. We have learned that not every waiter or waitress knows, cares or understands what we mean when we say, "She cannot have any eggs or nuts!" Can't tell you how many people say things like, "Well, I know she can't have EGGS, but eggs are just one of the ingredients in those cookies. She can have it like that, right?"

Yeah, she totally got sick.

I have no idea why I posted this. Wait, yes I do. Crunching on the bones of Jesus is funny.


a Tonggu Momma said...

I'm allergic to sulfites. So I feel her pain. Literally.

Torina said...

OHMYGOSH! I laughed out loud when you said,

'As I was crunching away on the bones of my Savior, I was thinking, "YUM DIDDLY!"'

Food allergies are a royal pain. The neighbor kid has them and my daughter torments him by telling him she has peanuts on her fingers and tries to touch him. His mom calls me and complains. Nice.

I only deal with a kid with environmental allergies and those don't even count because I plug him full of meds and he swings through the trees (that he is allergic to). I do not envy you and your kid's plight.

Christi said...

You know, as much as I might hate to wish evil on people, I find myself wishing that they would be inflicted by some kind of food allergy. Then MAYBE they would get it.

Shan said...

You just get it from all directions don't you young mother? I would really hate to deal with food allergies. They can be so scary! Peanuts and eggs are just everywhere. Gluten is as well. One of my close friends is going through the no gluten transformation right now and was telling me the details. That's much worse than it sounded, and it was already in the BIG TROUBLE category in my head.

I used to feel jipped as a teenaged diabetic but now I see that a little carb moderation isn't the end of the world. At all. :)

ps~ We have awesome communion crackers too. I keep meaning to get the recipe. We have it every week at our church and I ALWAYS try to discreetly grab the biggest square I can find. Great sacrificial heart there Shan.

Amy @ Experience Imagination said...

"Well, I know she can't have EGGS, but eggs are just one of the ingredients in those cookies. She can have it like that, right?"

It's milk here. After my daughter was born, the church ministry that handles such things coordinated people to bring meals to our house. We told them no dairy and no seafood (nobody's allergic, I just don't like fish).

I never realized just how many otherwise intelligent people don't realize that cheese is a dairy product.

*shakes head*

sandwichinwi said...

"moved south" heh.

heh. heh.

Just laughing at how you can find humor in every situation. Great for the sanity!

But poor Presh. God bless us, my kids do not have any food allergies, but I have friends whose kids do and oh my, it is SO hard! I've tried feeding them!

I'm glad it presented in a milder fashion this time.

Say, BTW, feel free to post your thoughts on how to uncontrol a controlling 3 yo any time. Say, one with anxious attachment who wants to be the boss of the world?


Amanda said...

OH my goodness... I have food allergies too. maybe. or it could just be IBS. too much info?

Posh Mama said...

Oh I hear you! My middle had an allergy to gluten and dairy from the time he was 12 mos to 24 mos, and I can't tell you how many times I would catch people giving him a cracker and then when I jumped all over them, be told "Oh 1 won't hurt him!" Ok, so you want to hold him all night long while he screams and cries in pain?
Thankfully he outgrew it, or Jesus had mercy on us and removed it from him.
And now I can't get him to eat bread for the life of me!
I sincerely hope your Presh is outgrowing her allergy!

Unknown said...

my 3 year old has food allergies... and it is amzing how it is misunderstood or thought of as insignificant...

or peple dont use their brains at all - " no it has no milk in it... it does have butter though.... " hmmm obviously not understanding that butter has milk in it and that that is banned for us!

we have had to train her to ask if she can have it and to ask a grown up if the food has bad milk and bad nuts in it.... (she is dairy and nuts)

but i am such a food nazi. i think that is why she is so healthy. our specialist is very impressed....

so i totally relate to your post!

i;m blessed though at our church - they have made sure they contact me about what food is served in the childrens church events - and i supply (and get reimbursed) for special allergy free biscuits and crackers for the children... so she is totally safe. i really appreciate that extra effort they have gone to for us.

big hugs to you!
blessings, fireball