Thursday, March 19, 2009

I'm a great mom

TED video made me question if I've let my kids do enough dangerous things!

I gathered them all by the garage, threw down an old waffle iron, microphone, miniature sewing machine, tools and (of course) vanilla wafers. Told them to have fun, and let me know if they're bleeding or if bone is showing.


Anonymous said...

I just let my 9.75 year old daughter ride her bike to school alone for the first time today. My other one, 6 weeks older, is nowhere CLOSE to being ready for that step. My oldest could have done it at 8. (I wouldn't have let her do it before that, someone might have stolen her!)

familygregg said...

ummmm.Ted is so cool. I think I like him a lot.

Shan said...

Looks like some fun Spring weather times to me.

These are extremely pertinent topics in my mind right now. I just discovered TED talks, for one, which are really great. And for two, I let my 11 year old test ride his bike to school less than a mile away and it about scared me to death. Another mom saw him (small town) and said she wouldn't let her kid do that. We had a huge safety discussion before hand and it was a very public sidewalk filled route.

I think my 6 year old may not be trustworthy to do this until he's 20 ;), but the other one seems to have enough common sense. Maybe not? I don't know now!!! Opinions?

Sara said...

Poor Summer...but your troop look like they're having a blast!

LisaMM said...

My 11 year old walks home from school with a group of 5 friends a few times a week. It's less than a mile but I still have fits about it and think of every possible bad thing that could happen. She's starting junior high next year and I guess I thought it was about time she learned how to cross the street!

Summer said...

How fun! My uncle used to bring home broken TVs, computers, radios, and anything else. Many days were spent sitting in the sunshine taking apart electronics just to see how they went. :)

Don't worry, I'll just hold it against you when the baby is born so I can guilt trip you into bringing me brownies. ;)

Recovering Noah said...

Sigh. Christine, Christine, Christine. I wish you hadn't posted that video link. I think my husband now has a crush on you - even if you do call him names. ;-)

We JUST had this conversation. He pretty much told me to quit buying crappy kits from Oriental Trading Company and to let the kids go out in the garage and make their own crafts.

And NOW you post a video link? What? Is this a conspiracy against paranoid moms or something? (LOL!)