Sunday, April 19, 2009

Parent of trauma - quote of the week

"Finally realized that I'm not the wrong mommy for him. That he's not willful. He's hurt. He would be hurt no matter who his mommy is. He needs a mommy who will do everything she can to battle for his heart."

- Jennifer of "To Africa and Home"


this is us said...

Thanks for the link. :) But I'm Jennifer, not Lisa. Lisa (the jewelry designer) is AWESOME and is linked on my sidebar. It's OK - sometimes I pretend I'm her.

T & T Livesay said...

Lisa L. makes some cool jewlery ... I have a super cool necklace with all my kids' names on charms ... it gets heavy though so I cannot really wear it.

what's with the viagra push? sorry you're dealing with that issue now too. ;)

this is us said...

I have her necklace with all my kids' initials! LOVE it and wear it every day. :) Christine - maybe you need one for finalization day!

Christine said...

Ha! Jennifer, can you tell I wrote that post a few days ago when my brain was FRIED?!? Must have just had Lisa's name burned into my brain cause it's at the top of your blog.

That's FUNNY! Of course, not as funny as the 45 page Viagra comment I just had to delete.

Makes me wonder just how many screwy things I've been saying and writing over the last month.

this is us said...

hmmm. maybe YOU wrote the Viagra comment?

Cammie said...

Someone else to pray for. I LOVE that!

just wanted to tell you that when I type 'www.welcometomybra' into my browser, your blog does not come up! Maybe when you get tired of letting people view what is inside your brain, you will move on to showing people what is inside your bra! Just a thought!