Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Sporadic thoughts

Good Friday was not so good. Ended up having to restrain a child. Lots of kicking, spitting and attempts to bite. We spent a good hour in the floor together. I was able to speak softly and calmly and give them some extra love. They growled and cursed. However, if I were to escalate or join in raging, it would be like force-feeding a diabetic child sugar. The diabetic child may beg and plead for sweets, but you know how it can affect them. I know my child needs me to stay regulated, otherwise, I am actually increasing their illness.

Now, the goal has been to stay on top of their urge to escalate each day. We've done it! It is exhausting. They are always looking for a way to reach that point. So far we have made it five days.

Signed the petition for adoption yesterday. Can't begin to explain how my heart felt as I read the names of my kids on that document ... with OUR last name. Hopefully we'll be able to finalize in about six weeks (give or take red tape and other annoying factors in the court system). The petition will be filed tomorrow - Gotcha' Day!

Speaking of Gotcha' Day ... we'll be baking two cakes. We will be giving the kids their adoption rings (their Gotcha' date is engraved on the inside). It will be a very stressful day, so we'll celebrate in a low key way, but we'll celebrate none-the-less.

Remember how I braided Presh' hair with the Fun Fur yarn? Well, FYI: it sheds quite a bit the first few days. There. You have my disclaimer. Still totally worth it. Just darn cute.

A sweet lady from church brought me a blueberry plant last night. I thought you might all want to start taking bets on how long it takes for me to kill it. I actually plucked some strawberries last year before killing my strawberry plants. We'll see if I can make it this far with blueberries.

It was sunny yesterday. I worked in the yard. There was sweat (not the typical "I sweat all the time" stuff, but actual "I'm sweating because it is hot out here" kinda sweat). I love the sun very, very much. It is like kryptonite for my depression.

I just finished painting on an old t-shirt: "I will love my kids forever. I will never hurt them or give them away." I'll wear it to church tonight. Will probably wear it all day tomorrow, too. Need to add "NO MATTER WHAT!" to the bottom.

The kids are doing really well with Learning Breakthrough. Oddly enough, my Twitchy Mac has the most difficult time with it. Neurological stuff is fascinating ... as well as a big pain in the rump.

Happy Hump Day. heh. heh. Hump Day.


Brenda said...

OK Li'l Hot Mama, having 3 teen boys I have just got to say that Kryptonite made Superman sicker. Try again ; ) I get your gyst though. It is an exciting time for you and I cannot wait to see Mar's reaction when the time comes and goes and you still treat in the same ol' loving

Shan said...

Congratulations!!! And...WOW. Keep on keepin' on Christine. I don't remember you mentioning the learning breakthrough before. Very interesting stuff. xo

p.s. my word verification was "witi ones"-cute.

Christine said...

Brenda, it's kryptonite to my DEPRESSION ... not kryptonite to me.

And why is spell-checker not knowing "kryptonite"??? That's just wrong! Should be just as common as "soap" and "pillow!"

Of course, my boys think it's criminal that "Boba Fett" is not a given in spell checker dictionaries.

Shan, you may be right. I mentioned it on Facebook, so maybe I just assumed I talked about it on here. Major brain farts lately.

Kristen said...

Congrats on signing!!

T & T Livesay said...

you went from john locke to michael scott this time.

hump day.

that's what she said.

Hannah_Rae said...

I am so excited that your gotcha day is coming soon!

I love the t-shirt idea. Can you explain a little more of why you made it and are wearing it? For the kiddos to see you in it in public?


Dinah said...

Great news all around! I like the T-Shirt idea...hmmmmmm

Christine said...

Hannah, yes. Just making a grand statement.

Last night, a good friend who reads my blog came up to us in front of several people, "Christine, what does your shirt say?" I had Mar read it. Then we went around the circle and asked the adults if they believe what it says. It was GREAT!

Cammie said...

Christine, once again..WOW! (someday I am going to come up with a ten dollar word, but when I finish reading your posts and my jaw is dropped open and my mind is numb, I just can't come up something deeper)

I (to use your words) super-puffy heart love the idea of the Gotcha Day rings! With the date engraved inside! Beautiful! (Mind if I steal that one??)

I continue to pray for your family. God is doing a good work in and thru you! Keep the faith, my friend!!

Christine said...

Cam, steal away! Gave us a great reason to shop at James Avery!!! :)

Amy said...

Congratulations on Gotcha Day! What an incredible day. You must be so happy to have your children with you. And I love your shirt too.

Simply Moms said...

Congrats!!! I pray that next step in permanency will be a balm to their little hearts!

do you really have this whole box (learning Breakthrough)? Is it worth the $400??

Sara said...

ooooo!!! Gotcha day is upon us! Too awesome. I can't wait to see Mar watch you continue to love her, be kind and not change. *huge hugs*