Sunday, July 05, 2009

Crazy ... crazy, crazy

Happy holiday weekend.

Crazy things going on here. I will catch you all up soon. Not trauma related, which is good (I mean, that's still there, but we've got plenty of crazier things to keep us occupied ... really).

Had a good time giving my children explosives and fire over the past two days. We discovered some very important scientific truths during our escapades. For instance, your father's Star War's characters (made back when they KNEW how to make toys) can withstand firecrackers blowing up under their butts. Yet the same firecrackers will dismember a Polly Pocket. Seriously. Try it.

Anywho, thought I'd share a pic of my favorite people. If I have ignored your email or phone call, I love you and I'm very sorry. It's not you - it's me. More info to come soon.


Sara said...

Sounds like it's been quite the weekend! The family looks great!

Babs said...

That is SO great
If we were neighbors we'd be offering up our old school G I JOES...I'm sure they could take it under their butts

wait...that sounded WRONG

Happy day!

Anonymous said...

As a former teacher I'm immediately drawn to the "teachable moment" here...think of all the educational endeavors you could take on after your experiment- maybe a graph describing all your "findings" :)

ali said...

what a great picture!!! so glad you put it up and glad you had agood holiday :)

Cheryl said...

in your photo, all the girls are smiling with teeth and the guys aren't (random observation). Can't wait to hear where in South Texas you'll be (I'm hoping for lots of TREES for you!)