Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Note to self

Olive Garden is just about the slurpiest place you can take a child with an egg allergy.

Every single solitary carb has eggs included. We can eat pizza just about anywhere. Nope, not at Olive Garden. Pasta? You would think, but alas - laden with it.

And, yes, I'm stupid. I just assumed we'd be okay with the Italian dressing on the salad.


The one thing Olive Garden does have going for it is roomy, clean restrooms ... for the vomiting 6-year-old who then needs a great place to cry, because ... well ...

The only thing on the menu she could stomach was chicken breast and broccoli. She actually likes both of those things, but they start to look like poo when the rest of her family is noshing on bread sticks, pasta, pizza and that ever-so-delicious salad which sent her stomach on a revolt.

I poisoned my kid. It was my fault. I KNEW to check. Well, I did check. I checked the bottle at the front of the restaurant quickly as she was heading into the restroom. Yeeeaaaaahhhh, I blew it.

I also did what any good mom would do. I apologized with a Happy Meal and a giant cone of ice cream.


Elizabeth @ My Life, Such as it is... said...

Hopefully she is feeling better by now. Maybe next time you can get her a "personal" salad without the dressing? You've had so much going on lately I'm not surprised it slipped your mind or hers. Good save in the end!

Anonymous said...

Let's be RAD and blame it on Olive Garden.

Stupid Olive Garden! It's all their fault for putting eggs in everything anyway. I'm never going to Olive Garden again, just to protest.


Dude. The word verification is UNSXZ. I'm going to DMV today to get a new license plate. How about SXZMOM? That would embarrass the heck out of the kids. Which, you know, is my main goal in life...

Unknown said...

I love Corey,
yes I do!
I love Corey,
how bout you?

Jennifer said...

Poor Presch! I can't eat their salad either. Makes me sick everytime but it is so darn yummy tasting!