Monday, July 13, 2009

T minus 17 days and counting ...

I just have to laugh. I HAVE TO!

My life is now a ferris wheel of dust and boxes.

We've had one little renewed bed-wetting-in-anger evening. Was was able to hide it for 24 hours. Mmmmm ... that always smells so good.

Approximately 3,491 therapeutic conversations.

My younger boy, who has always had tics, hit what was undeniably full blown Tourettes over the last several months. No biggie. We have always suspected, his (verbal and motor) just don't always show up at the same time. You can just imagine how noisy he has been lately, with the pending move.

The 6-yr-old had a friend who almost moved about 20 minutes away this year. Said friend SWEARS she cried so much, her dad said, "Okay, never mind. I'll keep commuting 20 minutes to work." Mmmm hmmmm. Guess who has decided to mimic trauma, in hopes we might say, "Okay, never mind!"?

The house AC went out again today. We're camping over 100 degrees these days. It's 9:48 pm, and still in the 90's inside.

Therapy is tomorrow. Possibly our last one before the move. We DO have AC in the van, at least.

Ohhhhh, and the AC went out in my husband's car. Two weeks and two mechanics ... will be about $300. So much fun to spend that kind of money on a 16 year old car.

Hot dog. Just looked at the temp. 88 degrees outside and 85 inside. Whoo! Hooo! COLD FRONT!

Must go. Need to continue with the laughing.


Unknown said...

oh....oh man. Ya gotta keep laughing, that's for sure. Do you have/will you have therapy at the new place? Looking around for someone who does Attachment therapy. I'll be lighting a candle for that one for sure!! Your house must be a BLAST right now!

happygeek said...

For a laugh

Leann said...

God really is doing some amazing things in your family... I am so VERY excited for your coming move. I can even say that I envy it a bit - I know... that is sin... but I do.

I know there is stress and issues and I cannot begin to fathom the whole RAD/Tourettes thing...just being honest... but I have watched you grow and change and become this amazing mom that just does it... whatever God says to do you just do it. I want to live that kind of life... I want God to say, "go here and do this" and I want to hear it clearly and just obey... you inspire my socks off girl!!!

RADOnline said...

wow....A cold front there is 88 degrees. Just, wow. Here in Cincy the heat is oppressive. It's a super humid heat.

We usually will get up to the high 90's with 70-80 percent humidity.

As for the AC going out.....May I suggest long, cool baths?


Anonymous said...

Want to send them to my house for respite?

I am on the way to TX.

Kind of. Not really.

But my floors need scrubbing.

Summer said...

Oh goodness! LOL This heat is killer. WE finally broke down and bought an air conditioner instead of using fans. Ugh.

Too bad you have therepy on Wednesday, I'll have the car then and was thinking we should meet up somewhere cold. Like an indoor play area at McDonalds. LOL I'd so break my fast food ban for a cold place.

Diana said...

Just keep on laughing, cause those kiddos of yours are just warming up. :-) Last night, my little Houdini of a 4 year old somehow managed to get the bathroom door closed while the vanity drawer was open. Don't ask - I still have no no idea how he did it. They are like 2" apart from each other. If the drawers are open (especially with a towel shoved in it as we found it) it would generally be considered IMPOSSIBLE to get the door shut. Not for Houdini himself though! We ended up having to cut a hole in the door so we could access the drawer and get back into the bathroom. This morning's project is rehanging the new door that will require some custom fitting, painting it, and then packing up my children and taking them far away from this place for a very long time so we can sell it before they destroy it. Keep on lauging, sister. Keep on laughing. And yah, go ahead and laugh about my door. I did. It was either that or cry!

Babsness said...

The best way to kick the debbil to the curb is to laugh at his attempts to thwart us!
Keep laughing...and dance around while you're at it...give 'im a great big 'ol headache...
Love and Hugs your way!