Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Christine's Quote of the Day

"While I'm layering, would you keep chopping up the cottage cheese with the tongs?"


Mom 4 Kids said...

So what were ya making? Sounds good!

Adrienne said...

Lasagna! Who needs ricotta when you have a kid with tongs?

Do I win?

Cammie said...

Can't wait to find out why you had to use this quote!

Christine said...

Adrienne, you win!

Actually, it was my husband literally chopping up the cottage cheese with tongs. Just today we got the inside freezer compartment door jiggied up. Everything kept freezing. Didn't know the curds were like rocks until we were about to spoon it in. grrrrr

Presh just barfed up said lasagna. I'm sleeping on her bed in the Big Brown Cow. She's in my bed with Michael. I cleaned up the mess, now I'm letting him have blechy duty the rest of the night. :)