Thursday, August 06, 2009

If it can go wrong …

Today there is a new rule: Mom and Dad smooch each other every time they screw up or something goes wrong. We figure our lips will be bleeding within the hour.

Picture, if you will, a middle aged couple dragging their five kids into town. We arrived at the bank, only to discover we forgot some vital paperwork (well, AND the money to deposit) to begin our new business account. We drove the ten minutes back home and then ten minutes back into town. Everyone smiled, laughed and joked about our funny snafu (ya’ know, if you live in the land of “Whatever!”).

We also discovered we needed copies of other papers from our attorney. While husband was on the phone with the attorney’s office, the account rep let me know we must have our new drivers’ licenses. Or some form of photo ID with our new address.

We headed over to the Public Safety office. Went to the wrong building entirely (hard to do in a small town, I know, but this was when I chose to implement my new smooching policy!). Then, drove past the correct building and had to turn around.

Met super sweet lady who handles the drivers’ licenses. She attends the Cowboy Church in town. Had fun discussions about my parents and their church. Would be able to do the “short form” because we have had Texas license in the recent past (YAY! Something will be easy in our lives this week! WOW!). Well, that was until she made a face at the computer.

The back story: Michael had a ticket in Texas several years ago when we were still here. He called and took care of it. It was noted that is was taken care of. However, someone was THEN supposed to change it in “the big computer” in Austin. This did not happen. A court date was set. Michael’s old Texas license was revoked in the system, and flagged as “failing to appear” for his hearing.

All of this was just floating around out there three years ago. We were clueless … until today. And it can take at least 72 hours for the person who KNOWS he paid this ticket to get it all cleared up on “the big computer” in Austin, so our office here will see he can transfer back over to his Texas license.

Until we get his Texas license renewed, we cannot open our business account. We cannot accept credit card payments.

But, alas, we are smooching like crazy.

Two or three days ago we were supposed to have DSL “in 2-3 days.” Now, it will be Monday at the earliest. The joys of living outside of town. People aren’t just already in the area to get things set up.

We are grabbing lunch at a local Mexican food place which boasts “Free Wireless Internet.” I’ve still yet to be able to connect. Our waitress says you just have to wait awhile. My computer keeps telling me I need a security key. She says I don’t … just wait. I think I will wait until we get to the library and THEN I can post this.

Maybe they don’t really have wireless, but this was their plan all along. People eventually stop eating and leave, and you just keep saying, “You have to wait a little while.” Genius.

See ya’ tomorrow, when I’ll talk about our crib.


Summer said...

LOL Hopefully nothing else can go wrong. (I know, just smack me for saying that.)

Brenda said...

I'm sorry you had a stinky day. Love the Labels...and the kissing..There are several places here that have free wireless. Sometimes they work. Sometimes they don't. You just never know until you try.

Anonymous said...

I'm so sorry you're having such a crappy start! But, I have to admit, I'm really happy you finally posted something because I've been dying to hear how things were going! Here's hoping tomorrow goes better and you get to smooch just because!

Mama Drama Times Two said...

Someday you'll look back on this and laugh - but in the meantime - it is probably best to keep a well documented running record of what is happenng - because nobody will ever believe your life was really this crazy. Holy Smokes, Girl!!!!! Hang in there.

Hannah_Rae said...

HI! I've missed you already! :) Lord, clear the way of any more snafus, unless you want their lips to bleed.



B said...

Awww Stine! I hope you have a fantastic weekend.

Get over to the coffee shop and say hi to "Aunt Mary"...i think she's got wifi.

Cammie said...

Did you know you married a fugitive?