Monday, August 10, 2009

A link to great thoughts on our healthcare system

I actually had time to read a few blogs while sitting on hold today. So, thanks again to Kristen for doing my thinking and writing for me.

Assuredly Uninsurable

It's just a little picture into the giant mess where many people land ... my family included.


Viv said...

I'm in that mess. As soon as Buckner opens their eyes and realizes it is costing them five times the amount to insure me compared to Kent, I'm going to be dropped. Like a hot wendy's fry. Just to insure me, without the cost of medication and without counting the deductible, is $620 a month... sick. AND, to top it all off, if I stop coverage for any reason (lack of payment, not going back to school, etc) no other insurance company will pick me up. No one. I looked everywhere. Even if I'm in remission, I'm just out of luck. How cool! I wish your fam wasn't dealing with this crap. It's a nightmare. But hey, yay for moves and new lives and a God that doesn't care about the amount of coverage we carry! :)

Nathania Johnson said...

I'm sympathetic. I've had to buy my own health insurance in the past. I'm a cancer patient/survivor. I'm still paying bills, etc. and so on.

But when you really look at gov't healthcare in other countries, it's not all that great.

The person you linked to talked about her problems with HMOs, which suck.

There are non-government options that would be a huge benefit to everyone. But there's not a single gov't program out there (yes, including France!) that's not suffering from funding issues.

The truth is that people in other countries DO PAY for care - on average the same amount as the avg american - and that's in addition to the taxes they shell out for the program. And if you want quick care - you'll have to shell out even more for private care in most of these countries.

Sorry, I know it free, universal access sounds great. But if it sounds good to be true, it usually is. Gov't healthcare is no exception. Just look at Medicare, Medicaid, and the VA system.

happygeek said...

Lived both systems.
Universal healthcare was one of the VERY big reasons we choose to move back to Canada.
My taxes are high, but there is no co-pay, no one questioning if I do need this treatment and at no time am I kicked out of the system.
You do wait. But it's worth the wait. I needed a thyroid scan quikcly, got it within a week. I need an MRI but it certainly isn't urgent, I wait 8 months.
LOVED the article.

Unknown said...


It's not perfect (and looking for a perfect system is ... well, impossible), but it has whooped the tail of any HMO we've ever dealt with. Ever.

Our HMO would not cover any therapist in Oklahoma who is trained in attachment therapy. Period. Medicaid, though, deals with hurting children all the time. We were actually very, very blessed to have so many children with so little income, and Medicaid covered an attachment therapist. My whole family received the help we needed to get my kids on a path of healing.

I expect to wait with universal healthcare. I expect to be taxed. My family chooses that, because then every family is covered. It's part of living life in community. That's our mindset.

Babsness said...

thanks for sharing! I always learn so much when I peek into your world.
Know that you guys are on my hearts and I've secretly thought of trading our house for my dad's RV and heading to Texas!

Kristen Howerton said...

We love Medicaid too. My son is on it (as a foster child) and if I could pay a bit more in taxes to get the rest of us on it, I would be STOKED! I wish people understood that it is pretty comparible to private insurance, minus the greed.

(by the way, in my post our insurance debacle was on a PPO, not HMO).

Summer said...

Love it! I'm another Medicaid fan. Having lived in all 3 worlds (insured, uninsured, and gov. insurance) I'll take the tax paid "socialized" health care any day.